10 Looks, the We Still Always Love!

Streetstyles are long as important for the fashion scene like the creations on the catwalk. Advantage: the trends from the street make more fun. Therefore: our best of Streetstyle 2014.

Bordeaux from head to toe – this look of street style icon Miroslava Duma is as timeless as effectively and at the same time elegant

Tartans times not a shirt or men. The Russian fashion editor carries Oksana on the the man material as a feminine dress with flounces. The white ankle socks, which lie from the classical Schnürern – small effort, great effect are what the look like us.

The Swedish J.crew Malin Lagerqvist shows us mix-and-match on Scandinavian: simple Basiscs are used with a parts and/or cool accessories in scene. Malins catcher coat is H & M, clearly, of the Sweden-label

Chiara Ferragni, Blogger from Italy, put 2014 so some perfect outfits – for example from head to toe in Chanel at Paris fashion week. With such photos and performances, Chiara made millions by now

Classic, elegant and still cool: Bloggerin Patricia Manfield in a wonderful asymmetry skirt by Stella McCartney and Kenzo sweater

We love the look of German Veronika Heilbrunner because she so courageously combined: sneakers, about the suit pants, Turtleneck, and even a dress lace – that dares only Veronica, which is one of the few German Street style stars

What do we love the look of model Aymeline Valade? That he is so beautifully simple and easy to style – no matter whether the basics come from the retailer or the luxury boutique

Breach of style at its finest, presented at Paris fashion week: derbe boots Dr Martens to the chiffon skirt by Schumacher and Topshop sweater

We noticed two men. First looks of the Italian fashion editor Simone Marchetti, who always back modern interprets the typical style of Italian men and thus benissimo

The second Mr. is Brit and boyfriend by Pixie Lott, model: Oliver Cheshire shows how a classic Tweed suit (from top shop) with heavy boots and check sweater is cool


Catwalk road – we love it!

First: Because we have only learned through Streetstyles, that fashion is not so elitist, as always believed.

Second: Because we, in contrast to the catwalk looks or the celebrity Dressups, include and at any time cause a hype can – no matter whether in the head up foot designer clothes, or in the Jogger.

Third: Because on the street style stars, we finally see out if and how the trends in normal women work.

From this as a result fourth: Because we now know that sinfully expensive designer piece plus cheap part of the textile giant’s the combination can see phenomenal.

And Fifthly: The trends from the street we felt have no expiry date. You are always inspiring.

For this reason, our site shows his 10 favorite Streetstyles from 2014. To the click, print, hang, inspiration for you…