10 Streetstyle Looks for Work

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to dress is What we get to go to work. Workers face the public focus even more on this type of styles and much of their clothing is destined to fulfill this function. In the majority of the jobs the style that dominates is the classic that is why we think in the best looks of street he fulfilled this function.

In the light of the new trends that have chosen brands such as Zara, Topshop, Mango and H & M choose 10 looks of streetstyle for work with different styles and fashions for all ages.

The stripes are in autumn

Still summer, we’re in August through a good heat, but new collections are arriving in stores, and we see how the rays remain for autumn. They are perfect for going to work, looks where the style sailor is always suitable on all kinds of sites to be classic and simple.

A striped mini-dress We will be worth for heat. A fine blazer in soft blue is a good combination, as well as a white sandal.

Cropped trousers never fail

Thinking in these days a good choice are the cropped pants that it maintain the decorum that mark some jobs and at the same time avoid the sensation of heat. It is a garment that also worth for the autumn and if we, for the winter since all brands have chosen them as fashion pants.

The key is to opt for a good leather belt, comfortable footwear for work as dancers, and above a cardigan with shirt game.

The baggy pants, a current trend

From a few seasons ago the baggy pants they will not be our wardrobe and brands are betting on them as one force pants. This fall back the high shot, airs male when it comes to clothing, especially for work, and therefore, these pants are ideal. In beige, with a leather minicinturon always play with add-ins and to top a good top.

The military trend is in fashion

One of fashions which is the military trend that all brands have been uploaded to not be outdone. In the Blazers It is where better can look thanks to the double breasted gold that we see in the image and to the Court that have some. Such pledge going perfect for going to work the last but with a look consistent with our position.

Shorts that are valid if they are well

While many think that the shorts are otherwise go well dressed to work, this garment increasingly is gaining more site in according to that job. It is true that we are not talking about going to a bank to work with put shorts, but in jobs where there is a more casual option are the key choice for this hot summer.

To avoid the appearance of street we have the elegance of the blazer and some good dancers.

Pictures shirts will always remain with us

If there is a fashion that is to analyze is the of the checked shirts. How much to carry with it existing? For years now fashion lumberjack who was formerly tartan, more elegant and smaller, like in the picture box, is still in the stores, especially in one: H & M.

While it recommended to opt for other styles, like the box small, more like the Scottish tartan of the image. With a good pair of tight jeans, we have a perfect look.

Nude dresses, an alternative

The color nude it comes with force in a too colorless and dull autumn by what we’re seeing in the clothing brands. For work, a good choice is a long dress. I am sure that many of you don’t anything will like this design and others, on the other hand, you will love it. I am the second opinion. A more difficult, high-risk trend but it looks great.

The socket enters the Cabinet

While here we see a crochet tunic my recommendation is to try to be of lace. They are in stores. There has been no brand that has not included some lace from her new collection. With a good pants and shoes we have an easy combination.

The Cowboys as a safe option

The jeans they are the favorite pants from many, including myself. Sometimes without realizing we carry throughout the week with them even if they are different models. Gives us equal. They are the most comfortable and versatile. Combine with everything and are never out of place. This time dominate the worn jeans combined with fine and loose garments.