10 Things We Quickly Got to Do before Winter

Checklist: We hereby remind you of ten important things you need to do quickly before the onset of winter. You warm and fashionable through the cold months get away!

1 seasonal change in the wardrobe usher
In the autumn you should make a wardrobe inventory: what’s left, what can be stored until next spring? What is no longer needed, washed and packed in boxes and dress sacks into the basement or under the bed. The winter things that are checked again come to the fore: what must to the tailor, cobbler or cleaning?

  1. clean jacket (leave)
    For almost half a year, our down jacket spent a, hopefully moth-free, summer sleeping in the garment bag. Before we tighten them in freezing temperatures for the first time, she should be cleaned thoroughly at least ausmuffeln, better yet. Down jackets don’t necessarily need in professional cleaning, they can be washed or at home in the machine. Attention: No fabric softener use, maximum at 30 °, any with wash other pieces of clothing. Not afraid of the dryer! On the contrary, here can down aimed at fully and regain its elasticity and volume. Necessarily two or three tennis balls in the dryer in with type, that knock down through properly and make sure that nothing is glued. Caution only in jackets of synthetic fibers: here the delicate cycle must be selected for the dryer.
  2. get lint Remover
    With the return of the wool sweater, also lint Shaver and ridges have their grand entrance again. The fine metal insert of the lint cleaner gently removes Lint and pilling nodules. Cheap trick: carefully remove with a disposable razor the nodules, it quite tightly clamp the material. So our beloved Cashmere Turtleneck looks back no time out like new!

4 Winterize shoes
Come with winter snow and black ice – poison for leather shoes with Thin soles. Who would like to switch not on Ugg Boots or designed for aesthetic reasons, should take his shoes to the cobbler. This brings a non-slip sole. Leather soles should be treated with special leather oils and any mud and grit. The upper grease and impregnation – protects from moisture and snow dirt.

  1. Buy warm insoles
    Breathable insoles help in winter for cold feet. Thin sheep wool pads with aluminium foil below it are ideal, because they fit in the narrowest shoe. Sheepskin sole keep although warmer, need more space.
  2. Reconsider materials
    In winter, we wear materials other than in summer: linen, silk and thin cotton materials have now break. In the cold season breathable natural materials such as sheepskin, wool and cotton flannel keep warm beautiful us. They protect not only against the cold, but also breathable: the heat remains inside, fresh air coming in. In synthetic fibers, however, easily enters the sweating, which in turn cools the skin and it freezes faster. Cold danger! Jeans wearers should now renounce thin stretch and instead rely on rugged denim.

7 thermal set
Keeps it warmer at minus temperatures a lot but is not as pretty as lace lingerie; When purchasing that vests long are enough to cover the kidneys. The laundry should be also convenient: to close parts promote the perspiration. Who will find thermal underwear made from Microfiber to sporty, can be alternatively cuddly vests made of merino wool.

8 obtain thin silk gloves
Secret trick of all skiers: thin silk gloves under the thick ski gloves, so to keep the hands always nice and warm. This trick under leather gloves and-fäustlingen can be continued in the city, which makes cold even leather gloves.

9 pantyhose stock increase
You don’t necessarily have to wear underwear under trousers not freezing in the winter on the legs. Under tight jeans can’t most of the time anyway. Nylon pantyhose are thin and warm as well. The higher the the number of pantyhose is so dense the stitches. An opaque 60-den – tights warms more than a transparent 20 den – tights.

10 layered look
If even the thickest coat no longer sufficiently warm, we put another on it – or rather: a location underneath. Invest in a down jacket. You will be surprised how well it warms in addition! There are affordable, ultralight models that are great warm and fit even among the finest wool coat.