Fjallraven Keb Cap Jacket for Men

Easy fiber jacket for men from Fjällräven.

KEB Loft Jacket is lined with G-Loft Supreme, who is one of the best fiber insulations on the market. Fiber material is designed for specifically for Fjällräven and is a mixture of hollow fibers and completely thin fibers. Fiber liner will not be flat and loses shape after washing or hard use and therefore it is much easier to deal with dun. Although the fibers should be flat, they will pop back to their original shape after washing, and again heat as when the jacket was brand new.

The Outer fabric is tear-proof and impregnated with fluorocarbon free impregnation to make it waterproof. For extra abrasion resistance, there are reinforcements in G-1000 Lite.

Inside are two large storage pockets Keb Loft Jacket.

Fjällrävens Keb Loft Jacket works both well as mid layer under a shell jacket, or as the outer jacket on a cool summer evening.

The jackets are casual to wear for men, also on Hoticle, you can find jackets for plus size.

Fjallraven Keb Cap Jacket for Men

Fjallraven Keb Cap Jacket for Men

Blush Exclusive Long Dresses for the Party

You will find a huge, but at the same time, exclusive selection of long dresses online. We have assembled a selection of elegant long dresses in virtually all shapes and colors. Our skilled team has also made sure to carefully select all the dresses so that they meet our strict requirements about quality. The range of long dresses is selected from the absolutely hottest fashion brands. You will find hundreds of models from among others: VILA, Mbym, ONLY, Sisters Points, Second Female, InWear, Ichi, Object, Esprit, Saint Tropez, PULZ, Dry Lake and many more. Not only are we assist you in finding the perfect dress for you, but we also have a large selection of high heels that fit perfectly there. When you buy a long dress with us you get the best price of the market, of course. That is to say that you can order your long dress now online, try it from WHOLESALEABLY once it arrives and it should not be something against expectations for you, you can just send it back. Enjoy!

Elegant and classic long dresses

We know the long dresses from his stories, in which all the beautiful princesses wearing an elegant long dress. Long dresses exude simply experiences and adventures. We are proud that today it comes to ensure you that you will be Queen of the Coachmen. With us you will find long dresses that fit perfectly for both weekdays and parties. The most popular range of dresses for time is from VILA, but you’ll also find hundreds of other delicious gowns from a wide selection of the trendiest brands of women’s fashion. We are sure that you here with us enough to find an elegant long dress that will make both men and women to turn admiring after you.

Blush Exclusive Long Dresses for the Party Blush Exclusive Long Dresses for the Party

Vintage Nuuk Parka Women

Smart and practical winter parka for women from Fjällräven.

Nuuk Parka is waterproof Hydrated membrane with Fjällrävens own, there has a hydrostatic head of 10000. The membrane also makes parka windproof and breathable.

The Park is lined with the synthetic Supreme Micro ceiling lining. The lining consists of a lot of small, Silicone treated fibers with air in between. It is the stagnant air in between the fibers that give the good heat. It is therefore also not tremendously heavy lined. In order to keep the heat inside the Nuuk Parka is there elastic cord at the waist and at the bottom of parkaen. At the wrists, there is Velcro stopper, which provides that the sleeves are closed well to.

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Men’s Pants Style Advice

Find answers to common customer questions about drainpipes.

Who are drainpipes?

Drainpipe trousers are slim cut and are consistently close to the leg and the buttocks. This put them slim legs and a bootylicious butt especially beautiful in scene. Both large and small slender women are the stars in the skinny trousers. Who has somewhat stronger legs and a feminine Po, had better access to further cut pants. Even little extra weight on the hips not forgive the tube.

Mens Pants Style Advice

How to combine drainpipes?

Drainpipe trousers can be combined for both the sporty casual look and elegant. As golden fashion rule, closely below – above far. Particularly, the figure-hugging drainpipe trousers therefore tolerated with some other shells, for example, generously sized shirts, a blouse or a casual sweater. Tight tops should be worn with a wide cardigan or a waisted blazer over the tube. If the pants patterned or printed conspicuously, the shell should fail to monochrome plain.
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Shorts & Bermuda Shorts

Shorts or Bermuda shorts -Where is the difference?

Shorts are very short cut pants that emphasize your butt and have little leg. They are also known as hot pants, which came up in the 70s, shortly after the eruption of the miniskirt. Bermuda takes their name from the Atlantic archipelago, where they are well accepted as uniforms due to the weather. The Bermuda shorts ends a few centimeters above the knee. Anything shorter is usually referred to as already Shorts.

Shorts & Bermuda Shorts

What Shorts- and Bermuda are there?

In see chino shorts and chino Bermudas, short slacks and sport shorts from comfortable fabrics. Jean Shorts are available in various washes, distressed and high-waist models, that is with high waist. Business-shorts are worn with black tights even office-friendly.
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How to Dress Short Dresses for Any Occasion

If you’re looking for the perfect dress for your next party, or if you need something new smart everyday clothes, then one of our fashionable short dresses be an obvious choice. They can be combined with everything in your wardrobe, and will always make you look fresh, youthful and saved out for every occasion. In the web shop you can find many famous brands, as you probably already know from the stores, VILA, Vero Moda, Nümph, St.-Martins, ONLY, Kling, Soaked in Luxery, Frequent, Noa Noa and many more. Why wait? Buy short dresses already now. When you shop online you get free shipping, Exchange and 30-day money back guarantee. Within a few days you can test your new dress in front of the mirror at home, and we also like to exchange for a different size, if it becomes necessary.

Short dresses – always fashionable and trendy

Get smart and trendy with one of our short dresses. When you hear the word, then it is probably the classic black model most people think of. However, there are a myriad of models and colors that will surely spice up your style up and fit perfectly into your everyday and festive wardrobe. You can find chic, simple, sweet, sassy and unique models. Some have long sleeves and is loose-fitting, perfect for a long day on the job, while others are tighter and fits well to a pair of high heels and a festive evening out with girlfriends. To the warm summer days you can use them with a pair of sandals, while the winter is ideal for a pair of tights and high boots. They are timeless and you will always feel at easy and free with one of the many short dresses. Find your new favorite on the website.

How to Dress Short Dresses for Any Occasion How to Dress Short Dresses for Any Occasion

Iron-bikinis: the Perfect Choice for Bathers

If the sun burns and the thermometer climb to 20-degree in the morning, a dip in the cool water is just right. But if the bikini top falls off when you dive into the water, a real nightmare is quickly out the refreshing dream. With an optimal sitting, ironing bikini can guarantee you against this summer’s faux pas. So you should learn something about the ironing bikinis, such as how to find the ideal model for your figure and what swimwear in the trend this year is.

A sure thing: the advantages of the ironing bikinis

Unlike the triangle bikinis, the ironing bikinis have preformed cups with integrated wire. These are decisive factors for the effective support. The brackets support the bosom, give it a good hold and shape it to a dreamy shape. Thanks to the ironing bikini, you are free for every movement, whether in the pool jump, lanes or to play the dynamic beach volleyball. There are ironing bikinis in different variations, classic with shoulder straps, sexy as halter neck model, bandeau bikini, tankini, or push up bikini with padded cups.

Perfect for any bust size: ironing-bikini is a real all-rounder

According to an ecommerce site, an iron bikini provides good grip for each bust size, whether you have small busts or plump breasts. For women who want a deep cleavage, push-up bikinis are a good choice because they add cheat because of the integrated pads. For women with large breasts and a female figure, the models with wide straps are comfortable, because they provide good support and relieve the back and shoulders. Figure-flattering tankinis can conceal your tummy, so they are ideally suited to conjure up a leaner silhouette. Bandeau bikinis are a great choice for slender women because the mini tops emphasize the sporting character. Woman who would like narrower effect on her broad shoulders should pick up the halter bikinis.

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