Tips for Buying a Women’s Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is an item that can not miss in the wardrobe of a woman, especially in winter. It protects very well from the coldness and still has a design that helps you compose looks from bold to the basic.   This all should be through combinations with pants, dresses and skirts. If you choose to wear the leather jacket in your daily life, a very cool tip is to use the jacket with jeans and wear neutral color compositions.

Because it is made of leather, finally the retro jackets will not enlarge its part of the market where there are women who are against the use of leather because of ecological issues in relation to the use of animal fur in clothing. Therefore, the synthetic leather appears as this option  was made to meet this type of consumers. Continue reading Tips for Buying a Women’s Leather Jacket

Basic Clothing and Jewelry Accessories

We are less than a month to bring back the fall, sometimes the outfits for this and the next season may seem simple. Remember that a tiny but original accessory can give the touch that is missing, take a look at some of them.


Essential for the autumn climate in which no longer heat but not so cold. You not suffocated as a scarf but will keep you warm. There are many colors and designs, to suit all tastes. There is no excuse for you to not become one.


It is high time that you begin to remove the caps, but what if you now go in a hat? The Bohemian style are in trend and also give you great style.

Tartan scarves

This pattern to box is a classic of the autumn-winter. But especially this year back tightly in scarves, there are different colors and give life to your look.

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Sunglasses Trends 2015

Finally summer! Almost everywhere in Germany there were some nice hours of sunshine and temperatures around 20 degrees. What may be missing because no case getting around town, driving or relaxing outdoors? Exactly, the sunglasses. It not only protects the eyes and saves eternal blink, but is also a fashion highlight and THE accessory for the summer. In spring and summer 2015, there are new sunglasses trends and some old acquaintances.

Sunglasses Trend: Around & colorful

The sunglasses trend in 2015 is clearly towards models that stand out. Even as the highlight of your complete outfits good for the new sunglass fashion.

This season may be large sunglasses, have extravagant plastic frame or the glasses are held in bright colors instead of the usual black or brown. But what exactly is a trend?

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Women’s Denim Dress Jeans

It is quite sure that there are a few women who have absolute classic jeans in their closets: the denim dress. It is stylish attire for the whole year.

When jeans wear came to Europe, no one had ever thought that jeans would become a true classic fashion.
At first, jeans were used in America as work wear and then they become a worldly fashion accessory, which have a large flock of followers not only in America but in all parts of the world.
Some decades ago, the jeans were garments for younger generation. Today it has changed dramatically, because now jeans are liked even by the older generation.
Especially the material like denim was selected because of their robustness and convenience, and it has more and more possibilities of being processed and created by designers all over the world. Denim jackets, denim skirts, jeans and denim dress, all these articles are known and coveted in the world.

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