How to Make a Vintage Scarf

Which irons choose? And it is best to use a smoothly or fantasy? You would like to begin to knit but do not know where to start? In this article we have all the answers for joining the “knitting club”… Just as the most famous stars!
The sound of your grandmother who was knitting in the background she was one from throughout childhood and is a sweet memory, and every time you see a beautiful scarf knit with attached a really exaggerated price, your first thought is “this could make it anch I less than half the price if you only knew to use the knife”: start knitting could be your new project!

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Long Cheap Wedding Dresses

With the arrival of the last virtue of the years and each time approaching the new year, wedding celebrations are most common for the time, reason why I leave you with some models of long and cheap wedding dresses. Which are dresses that are part of the latest fashion trends.

If you have the invitation card for the celebration of the wedding of this person who both estimate, you don’t have to wait any longer and start to choose a stylish and fashionable dress to keep you at the height of the celebration. Clear is not necessary to use a too expensive dress, since it has beautiful dresses that are special for you look fashionable.

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How to Wear T-Shirts to Work

If you have a t-shirt that looks great and you regret that you will not be able to use it to work, so it is time to consider. T-shirts are classified as casual wear for so many years that we have not taken the time to deal with the fact that most of the jobs are now the dress code, which can be called “business casuals”. This means that the t-shirts can now find their way to your work wardrobe. All you need to do a little bit of planning and tweaking here and there to make a t-shirt a respectable work wear.

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Bad Things about Leggings

The leggings are the love of every woman. All we have an infinite number in their drawers. They are fashionable now to be quite a lot of years, yet it seems that not all understand how to wear them.

Ah leggings, what would we do without them! They’re damn versatile and useful for every occasion, as defined by emilyleggings. There are those of comfortable and lightweight cotton to wear to stay at home, do sports, go out to the grocery store or taking the dog for a walk, those below the knee useful for the sea or fresh during hot summer days, we have those with the padded inside for those who can not do without them even in winter.

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15 Superstitious Ideas for the New Year: Food, Clothes, and Activities

Good morning Divas!

The new year is a very special moment for most people, it’s time to thank all the good that happened, asking God’s forgiveness for all the failures, after all, all of us fail at some point in life; and the best part, ask for blessings for the year that lies ahead and make some promises, huh? Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, type: in 2016 beginning my diet.

So … If you’re the type of person who doesn’t spend the new year’s Eve without any superstition (like me!) on how to: Jump seven waves without touching both feet on the floor, eating grapes and keep the lumps, saving a bay leaf in my wallet, yellow vest to attract money, among many others, there are some tips from the most common superstitions.

Do these “charms” really work? Well, in my opinion, if you believe and have faith in what you’re doing, no matter what, it’s going to work out, trust me, after all, it can’t hurt, so what’s the problem of trying a little help to start the year right?

Food that give luck:

  • LENTILS: a tablespoon to ensure a year of a lot of income(I’m not a big fan of this magic, but anyhow!).
  • POMEGRANATES: Eat seven pieces, keeping the seeds in your wallet to attract cash
  • GRAPES: I and the women in my family always eat 7 grapes (or the amount corresponding to your lucky number), and save the seeds in your wallet or purse, until the next year’s eve to attract new money (hooray).
  • PORK: Must be the main course of the supper served at midnight, because the pig nose forward, ensures a full table all year round. Never serve chicken, Turkey and animals that dig toward behind.

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Popular Women’s Swimwear 2016

Although the summer draws to a close, the bikini is officially the year costume. Manufactured in China, he has had great success on Amazon so much to be been reviewed 700 times. Can this be the lowest price for sale, the secret of his success?

Summer is ending, but the leaders who set a trend in the hottest months of 2015 are still etched in the memory of each of us. Patterns, colors … but obviously costumes. And on the beach, the sea and the pool a model has prevailed over all the others: the bikinis.

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How to Choose Jackets for Winter

The choice of sitting on the trunk and a flattering jacket affect body type. Each type has its own characteristics affecting the choice.

The jacket is the so-called big shopping. Then the hopes that it will be a long-term pleasure and it flatters the wearer’s body. In most cases, a good, form-fitting and figure-flattering jacket costs the same as the poor and the drawbacks of the watering according to mensjacketsstore.

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How to Choose Maternity Bra

One thing is insinuating a tiptoe, expose a strap or play with transparencies, but go directly in maternity bra is still an ordinariness as much as the famous try to put fashion. There are that they do better than others, but the end result is always more or less tacky that you should not put you never learn!

A pretty bra for pregnant women with lace insinuante hovering on the edge of a neckline can be the most sensual thing in the world. But a future mother who directly goes on bra gives an aggressive and somewhat ordinary image at It must know how to play with the subtleties and clearly there are who have no idea.

Almost the worst thing is that over even bra made to teach everyone is nice. We wonder if some famous they will have friends or people around who dares to tell them that they will made a mess…

If you want to know what you should not put you never to go out don’t miss the gallery below.


How to Know My Bra Size

Scientific studies have shown that many women can’t choose the bra size, in fact, these studies reveal that only 3:00 pm every 10 women know to pay attention to choose correctly the bra more suited to your needs. Knowing our bra size is very important, much more than we think, and certainly use one that does not correspond to our breasts, can hurt us a lot in the long run with breast pain in the back or head. If you do a lot of the question of how to know my bra size? Then continue reading this article from janesportsbras where we explain all you need to know to buy the bra suitable for you.

How to Calculate My Size?

To know exactly what size bra need, must have, first of all, all the information. You can search on the internet (but beware, in specialized places) or you can ask in a lingerie store. In addition, you must think you’re wearing your bra, since if it is to do sport or do some work that requires continuous physical effort, it is better to use a bra according to this situation.

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65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Delicate Tattoos

I always wanted to do a tattoo, but as yet there is a preconceived notion too big in my profession (law firm) and my father is of type well intransigent about this, I just kept putting as much as possible this “plan”. The problem is that, now, this desire has increased each day more and maybe who knows, after breastfeeding I might take a risk on this journey!

As a tattoo is something for life, I want something that’s small, delicate, that mean something and you don’t get much to show (so I can hide in hearings and meetings and I don’t get sick!).

So … As I’m looking for inspirations for me, I decided to share them with you and seek other opinions.

I loved the idea of birth date because I can put the image of Lucca and the future of my second creation!
I thought I’d also expect the Lucca grow and tattoo any phrase or word with his handwriting, but I don’t know if I can handle waiting so long!

And you have tattoos? Do you want to do it??
I need ideas and inspirations, so let’s share the tips in the comments here! 

Trend on Summer Swimwear Outfit

Summer is synonymous with sun, beach, fun, funny banter, tanned skin, that hot little noise from the sea, lively people, a cold beer and, of course, very few clothes.  The hottest station of the year starting officially on Saturday, and it is time to drop everything and run to the nearest beach. And regardless of what your goal (tan horribles or stay relaxing under the beach umbrella!), a bikini or swimsuit again is almost always essential item to start enjoying the season! And may be fine for the purchases, saw girls? Long gone the time when Brazilian beachwear was dominated only by triangle models in floral prints, today we have brands with personality super set and several options to choose from We dreamed of and expected holiday when we enjoy the body in swimwear. Do our choices to level and display the body with a lot of style these days that’s just going to be cool, with your feet in the sand. Continue reading Trend on Summer Swimwear Outfit