Carhartt Haakon Shirt

A few days ago, a mysterious brand contacted me: Haakon’s. Its creator, Walter, presented me a capsule collection of white shirts: Blanche collection. I appreciated the white shirts (coins underestimated in the men’s locker room) and always looking for the perfect white shirt, I was very intrigued, especially at the level of the collars (capital element of a shirt, which says a lot about the quality).

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Detachable Collar Shirt

I met Sébastien Vietti more than a year ago, when he worked in press relations. The current went very well, so I was delighted to learn a few months ago that he was preparing to launch his brand with friends initiating the project. He boarded together to develop The Human Comedy : aloft brand since its launch, both its products and its universe. And this is what we will see in more detail.

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Chemise Oxford Bonne Gueule

The idea of an oxford shirt came very early in the history of the line BonneGueule, almost simultaneously with our idea of chambray shirt because, as you know, we love the casual shirts. And you know, this is a classic in humans  as the uses of Oxford are many; Whether worn with a suit or at the seaside, sleeves rolled up and feet in the water.

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How to Wear a Shirt

Shirt in the pants or shirt off the pants? How to wear a man’s shirt? Sacred question, but the answer is rather simple. It all depends on the length of the shirt. In this article you will learn to distinguish a shirt to wear “shirt in the pants” and a shirt to wear “shirt out of the pants” … Finally to know how to wear it.

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