Urban Techwear Brands

Disclaimer: This article follows the Milone guide on technical clothing , since it will now be interested in a brand casual techwear: Outlier.

To recap, the casual techwear designates parts to the aspect of “classic”, perfectly suited for everyday urban and port, but made from technical materials (water repellent, breathable, etc.).

And since these are technical subjects, they are therefore synthetic. It was an exception to the rule.

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Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Among the fashion trends of autumn 2015 does not go unnoticed on appeal of these colorful suits that have definitely missed that strict full classic allure made a head of nagu. By more formal outfits to wear to the Office, to more casual outfits seen on the runways, here’s how it changed the new suit.

Rigorous, challenging but also highly sought after, the suit seems to carve out a place of exception among the new must have of the season. No longer the classic from the strict profiles to wear in the Office but stylish solutions to wear during cold weather and also decidedly less formal occasions. The possibilities are two, and are the most classic, jacket and trousersor skirt and jacket. All complete look during the day but also at night, on the occasions that require a certain formality but also casual during leisure time. In short we discover together one of the most popular fashion trends autumn 2015. Continue reading Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Crop Top Fashion Trend

Among the fashion trends of spring summer 2016 does not go unnoticed on crop top, the boss who discovers the belly and puts in plain sight the navel. From t-shirt to court evening tops, here are the pieces not to miss in season.

Here is one of the trends that won’t go unnoticed, which smells like vintage and that, alas, puts a strain on the silhouette. Oh yes, because this spring summer 2016, while we take care of updating your wardrobe with the cult, we must also remember to do something for our belly, unless you want to give up one of the most glamorous trend of the moment. So come on and green light to the operation flat stomach! Continue reading Crop Top Fashion Trend

Pantone Colors for Spring 2016

Love the bright, brilliant look? Here’s the color Fiesta, all heads and combinations with red Pantone for spring 2016 to create vitamin outfit perfect for warm weather that will not go unnoticed!

The Pantone red Fiesta is one of the trendiest colors concerned this year, much more access and other fashionable bright pastel colors, such as Blue Serenity and Rose Quartz. But what are the most beautiful clothes to wear and how to wear them? Continue reading Pantone Colors for Spring 2016

Interview with Vanglè Founder

Who is behind Vanglè?  Years, where you live, children, you’re married, where you work, what role do you have? In short, everything!
Vanglè hides two friends united by their passion for creation and for the pursuit of detail.Viviana, 29years, married “since I graduated in ’05 at the University of Architecture of Florence in Fashion Design, I started working as a designer of jewelry and fashion accessories. I love this job, give life to transforming ideas into objects of desire gratifies me and makes me feel free. “Arianna, lives, has 30 years and is a designer graduated at the European Institute of Design in Milan, with experience ranging from graphics, Architecture, Design and Fashion “I love to create everything, from the object of accessory furniture and thanks my knowledge in this 360 ° technology, materials and production processes have the ability to treat both the design and the technical implementation of each product.”

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How to Style a Denim Shirt

After the exploit in the years ‘ 90, the denim shirt is back to being an absolute “must have” in terms of clothing, both masculine and feminine. It will be because of his incredible versatility (he’s a boss who match with just about anything), will be for resistance or simply because the jeans is the most loved fabric ever, yet the denim shirt is back and, at least for now, has no intention to “be set aside”. The “beautiful” is that denim shirt takes exactly 20 years ago, as so sblusati models and space with sleeves rolled up well, confirming the comfort of the head and his “ease”. Therefore, it is no coincidence that many designers and fashion houses have “launched” on this garment, which we can find in all shades of denim conceivable, from deep blue to clear through the nuance more vintage or worn “effect”. But the question that might arise is: How do I match the denim shirt?

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Michael Kors Fall Winter 2016

Michael Kors fall winter 2016-2017, the leaders of the new collection is characterised by an elegant and refined style. Between feathers, grommet, crystals, line emphasizes lightness and freedom to combine different elements without barriers, a mix of textured tweeds and plaids with florals and refined details.
The new collection by Michael Kors presents many coats with generous fur collars or with sparkling floral brocades, but also sweaters, pants, jeans and skirts look delicious. The charm of the Michael Kors fall winter collection 2016-2017 is all in her glamorous nature easily recognizable brand are beautiful coats and jackets tailored, slightly pleated skirts and dresses, romantic blouses and large fur. For next winter, the American designer has thought a blaze of feathers, grommet, chains and decorations. The file rouge of all collection are precisely the details and finishes, with denim and feathers, precious gold and silver Brocade dresses, skirts and trousers encrusted with crystals and sequins, but also more sober heads with simple prints and flowers. Continue reading Michael Kors Fall Winter 2016

Denny Rose Collezione Primavera Estate 2016

Denny Rose for 2016 enchants us with a youthful spring summer collection and hybrid that will accompany us throughout the day. From the dress to the flared jeans, here are the essentials of the wardrobe.

Denny Rose for 2016 presents us with a line of clothing spring summer 2016 made of modern and trendy clothes. You will be unable to resist a catalogue able to accompany us throughout the day, from mornings at the Office to happy hour, passing for leisure and sightseeing fees. Between formal vestments and casual proposals there is an embarrassment of choice! Continue reading Denny Rose Collezione Primavera Estate 2016