Bachelorette Party Fun Games Ideas

You are planning a bachelorette party for a friend of yours? Here are some game to entertain the bride during the evening.

The wedding is approaching, it is more and more imminent, and your hours are from single to finish: short’ll be a married woman, a lady, but tradition has it that the status of single closes the season with a party of hen , usually organized by friends who plot to your shoulders jokes and surprises to make your last night as “Miss” unforgettable. Continue reading Bachelorette Party Fun Games Ideas

Bachelor Party Speech Funny

Bachelorette party: the most witty and amusing phrases to celebrate the start of a new life together and make the festive atmosphere of the festival.

For the  hen party of your friend is all ready, you thought to clothing, to local, drink, games and the show but can not miss a serious semi speech to do the bride ! Tell your friend how much you are happy for her is a must, but a small joke is inevitable, especially if you are the stalwarts of the single life. Continue reading Bachelor Party Speech Funny

Gucci Net-a-Porter

With 18 unique Gucci draws a capsule collection exclusively for Net-a-Porter. Also on sale in Italy from 12 may, here are the must-have collection of Gucci for our site. Discover together!

For this special collection, I adopted a playful approach with flowers and antique tapestries. I liked the idea of taking what I love most in women’s collection of Net-a-Porter, to enlarge the spirit and point of view, through this collection. The result is a true fusion of Gucci and our site, “said Alessandro Michele, Gucci Creative Director from December 2016. Continue reading Gucci Net-a-Porter

Navy Blue Color Trend

Fashion trends: in 2016 smash hit the color navy blue! This shade, much loved in the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60 back in vogue and is renewed on garments and accessories: here are those not to be missed in 2016, between vintage and contemporary!

There are some fashion trends that cyclically come back, being too good to be permanently abandoned. One of these is represented by the color navy blue. Spread between the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60, worn by style icons like Brigitte Bardot, navy blue depopulated due to horizontal striped sweater. The trend back then, but must live with the most current to give the right space to every nuance of fashion. The navy has all the features to keep in our hearts: it is a dark but bright, suitable for summer (coupled with the famous white capri pants), is also perfect in business outfit, goes perfectly with jeans, are well matched with dark and light shades, in short, is the color Joker! Continue reading Navy Blue Color Trend

Cheap Fashion Blog

Cheap fashion is a blog written in both hands and for this today on curler will see not one but two outfits! The two girls that lie behind the blog Fashion Cheap are Denise and Anna Elizabeth.Denise Iona is a girl of 24 years living in Milan: in fact, he studied at the Faculty of Economics and is facing the specialist degree. Anna Elizabeth Barolo, 26, is a graduate student in Tourism Sciences for Cultural Heritage and lives in the province of Salerno. They opened the blog together in 2011 and have chosen this name because: “It represents the best of our style: attentive to the trends of the season but also the price! In fact we love the vintage and we enjoy a world flush out unique pieces in the various markets! We wanted to show that to be trendy you do not require the expenditure of a large sum! “The style is Denise:” Easy to deal with the days of university study and run for the various metro and attention to detail for the evening. Much love vesiti 50s with flared skirts, suitable for a Mediterranean physique like mine. I am crazy for accessories; bijoux that “shine”, special bags and clutches… they collect.” The style of Anna Elizabeth is rather whimsical: “I love the colors and the particular and unique items (it is no coincidence that I love the 80’s) because it reflects my being bubbly and cheerful, the boss who absolutely adore are the shoes: cleavage, ballerinas, moccasins, boots and ankle boots, everything. ”

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Reinvent Yourself Fashion Blog

Nicoleta Buru is a blogger, freelancer journalist and responsible for two of the Fashion sector projects online. 29 years ago, it is Porto Recanati and six months runs his blog Reinvent yourself. He chose this name for his blog because it represents his personal project to work on his style.”I try to reach my goal constantly reinventandomi and this is truly a source of joy and fun for me. This is why I decided to share my experiences in a blog. “His style? “I like to experiment with many styles.”

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The Bag Girl Blog

Carla Lentini is a university student in Florence of 21 years who blogs about his The Bag Girl for a year and a half: “I chose the pseudonym bag girl for my blog because the bags are my greatest passion was the first gift my mom for my 1st birthday and since then my collection has continued to increase … the big g hides the D Bad, because sometimes I feel a little ‘bad girl! “.His style is casual: “Casual, as required by my lifestyle, always rushing between work and universities… But as soon as I can, put on my heels and I sbizzarrisco with imagination to create special outfits and sophisticated!”

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