Why Posing Cara and Pharrell as the Imperial Couple?

Model Cara Delevingne (22) and musician of Pharrell Williams (41) could sit as Austrian empress Elisabeth and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph in scene. Karl Lagerfeld and a new fashion film for Chanel are to blame.

I hatched Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams for a historical fashion movie by Karl Lagerfeld in the role of Austrian empress Elisabeth and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph. Continue reading Why Posing Cara and Pharrell as the Imperial Couple?

Catwalk for the New Angel!

Most of us love “Victoria’s secret” show due to the celebrity models like Adriana Lima (33), Candice Swanepoel (26) or Alessandra Ambrosio (33). But when the float the biggest lingerie extravaganza of the year nor more 30 beautiful Cherub on the catwalk. Our site presents you with five newcomers models, the stuff to the “Victoria’s secret”-Engel have.

  1. Yumi Lambert (19)
    Origin: Belgium
    Angel size: 1.78 meters
    Model career: Already 2012 our site Yumi to the ten most important newcomer models. She made her runway debut in September 2013, where she could run for designer Nicholas K. Karl Lagerfeld (81) became aware of their fascinating and exotic look, then booked her as first Belgian model ever for the summer campaign 2013 by Chanel.
    Off the Angel sewing box chat: The almond-shaped eyes and porcelain complexion come not by coincidence, Yumi’s father is Japanese, mother Belgian.
    Victoria’s secret debut: On the second December 2014!
  2. Andre Ribeiro (24)
    Origin: Brazil
    Angel size: 1.80 m
    Model career: Lais started 2009 as a model. She is not as well known as their colleagues from the home, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, she’s the Brazilian title candidate concerned catwalk jobs: Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. – which does list their catwalk inserts be continued endlessly. Lina was the most booked model during the Brazilian fashion week.
    From chatted the Angel covers: Laïs already has a son, Alexander (7), who is close friends with Adriana Lima children.
    Victoria’s secret debut: 2010
  3. Devon Windsor (20)
    Origin: United States
    Angel size: 1.80 m
    Model career: Only after graduating Devon has decided to be a model. Devon international fame with her catwalk debut in 2013, Prada. Since then, she was already for all major luxury brands, including their favorite designer Alexander Wang.
    Off the Angel sewing box chat: The blonde hair, with which she became famous are her trademark. In fact, Devon is indeed dark.
    Victoria’s secret debut: 2013
  4. Cindy Bruna (20)
    Origin: France
    Angel size: 1.80 m
    The long-legged Sudfranzosin is a Model career: Since 2012 in the supermodel business. As the first color model, she received an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein. Also the summer campaign was something special 2014 by Prada. Cindy was the third colored model at all (according to Naomi Campbell, 44 and Malaika Firth, 20), which was in a Prada campaign! According to model.com, she ranks currently among the 50 most important models worldwide.
    Off the Angel sewing box chat: Her exotic look owes their African mother Cindy and her Italian father.
    Victoria’s secret debut: 2013
  5. Josephine Skriver (21)
    Origin: Denmark
    Angel size: 1.80 m
    Model career: Already as baby Josephine has modelled, their first use was for the Danish “Pampers”-advertising. It has been really professionally in February 2011, where she for Calvin Klein and rag & bone ran. As a show opener for Alberta Ferretti and Prada-end model in the same season, the Danish cemented its reputation as a “Model of the hour”.
    Off the Angel sewing box chat: Football lover, Josephine is a “Rainbow child”: her mother is a lesbian, her father is gay. As a representative of the “family equality Council”-Organization, would like to support children, have a gay/lesbian parent
    Victoria’s secret debut: 2013

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Kendall Jenner (19) is on the way to becoming the new supermodel. Now she shows her sister Kim (33), how you posing naked stylish with cool big wig instead of oiled butt.

Model Kendall Jenner is rocking the catwalks of the fashion capitals, tutet a mega advertising deal after another – she is the new face of Estee Lauder – and even the new favorite model by fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld (81). Her latest coup: The cover including a fashion editorial for the British Indie magazine “Dazed”. Continue reading Afro-Disiakum

7 Trends That Better Are Curvy Women

Can thin women carry everything? Yes! Nevertheless, there are trends that are simply better at curvy women. Our site suggests, you must now put on which seven curves hit.

  1. shift dresses
    The mixture of figure-hugging and this dress makes good the curves star – in women beyond the size 38 with subtle sexiness shine. Make the mistake to hide curves under Over size clothing that is usually too pompous. Too much leg and neck are also not good, fast cheap can look. Continue reading 7 Trends That Better Are Curvy Women

If “Victoria’s Secret”-Engel Travel…

The angels have spread their flights! Candice Swanepoel (26), Adriana Lima (33), Alessandra Ambrosio (33), Karlie Kloss (22) and 36 other Victoria’s secret models mounted on Sunday their Angel Flight to jets to the show to London. And when Angels fly, then of course no economy!

5570 kilometres as the crow flies – so a long itinerary that had to ‘ Victoria’s secret ‘-Models so far still not compete. Held as usual in New York the world’s most spectacular lingerie show held on 2 December for the first time in London. Continue reading If “Victoria’s Secret”-Engel Travel…

10 Fascinating Facts to the “Victoria’s Secret” Show

Next Tuesday the wait is over: then held the most famous lingerie show of the year in London. Just seeping more and more exciting details about the “Victoria’s secret” by Zarco, who we wouldn’t want to deprive you. Our site tells you the ten hottest facts.

Who wants to be at the mega-event, must shell out $10,000 with after-show party even 12,000. The laundry label must “Victoria’s secret” offer its guests and fans a lot. The rumor mill bubbling: who is the most glittering? Who will perform? For the first time the show not in New York, but in London, will take place specifically Court Exhibition Centre, in the Earls. The reason: While in New York had only 5,000 guests in the Hall place, all 20,000 viewers be can follow in London the show live this year. There are even more exciting facts here: Continue reading 10 Fascinating Facts to the “Victoria’s Secret” Show

Sissi – Fateful Years of Top Models

Top model Cara Delevingne (22) and superstar Pharrell Williams (41) hatched a new Chanel short film in the historical role of the legendary emperor pair Sisi (d. 61) and Francis (d. 86) of Austria-Hungary. Now, the nearly eight-minute fashion film “Pure Carnation” was released.

Tonight, the “Metiers d’ art show’ eagerly awaited will be presented by Chanel in Salzburg Schloss Leopoldskron. Already on Monday evening was the hand-picked audience in the historic St. Peter’s Stifskeller deals with the short film “Pure Carnation” Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams look in the main roles. Continue reading Sissi – Fateful Years of Top Models

England Fashion Queens

On Monday evening, the “British fashion Awards” were presented in London. The award for the best brand went on Victoria Beckham – a tremendous honor for the designer, which the public has shown probably never been so emotional. Actress Emma Watson (24) was awarded for its style.

It is the most important date of the year for the English fashion prominence: the ceremony of “British fashion Awards”, the most outstanding designers, models and industry personalities in which on 1 December were honored. One shone here in particular: “Best Brand”-winning Victoria Beckham. And thus are not (only) the crumbly meant that rolling her cheeks. Continue reading England Fashion Queens

Wear High Heels Women, Helping Men Better

Hot tip for women: always a pair of high heels in the trunk of the deposit in the event of a vehicle breakdown. So are indeed not practical dressed, but increase the helpfulness of passing men. Stinking cliché? May be. But now, this was confirmed in a French study.

Nicholas Gueguen, researchers at the University of southern Brittany, sees his wife as well as other women prefer in high heels – “and it comes just as many men in France”, he said in an interview with the British “Telegraph”. To prove that this reflected also on their willingness to help, he sent a 19-year-old with a questionnaire armed in a pedestrian zone. Continue reading Wear High Heels Women, Helping Men Better

10 Things We Quickly Got to Do before Winter

Checklist: We hereby remind you of ten important things you need to do quickly before the onset of winter. You warm and fashionable through the cold months get away!

1 seasonal change in the wardrobe usher
In the autumn you should make a wardrobe inventory: what’s left, what can be stored until next spring? What is no longer needed, washed and packed in boxes and dress sacks into the basement or under the bed. The winter things that are checked again come to the fore: what must to the tailor, cobbler or cleaning? Continue reading 10 Things We Quickly Got to Do before Winter

Karl Is the Sisi out!

A historic Palace location and these pretzels and Mozart balls: The year’s “metiers d’art” show 2014 by Chanel in the romantic Salzburg took place. And Karl Lagerfeld (81) and Cara Delevingne (22) provided for the mood of Sisi. Our site correspondent Carolin Dendler was present at the great Chanel show:

Life is a show and Emperor Karl deserves its name. This morning at eleven o’clock in the venerable Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg: Limousine rolled through the Castle Park, hovers above a cloud of Chanel No. 5. Journalists such as VIP customers, from head to toe in Chanel clothed, the great ambience of the Sisi admired has been. Continue reading Karl Is the Sisi out!

Simply Cute, These Angels!

Last night the wait was ending: the show took place in London from “Victoria’s secret” instead, the hottest – and goldigste – lingerie extravaganza of the year!

Who wanted to be at the mega-event, had even 9600 euros more than 8000 euro shell out – with after-show party! It has the laundry label “Victoria’s secret’ offers his guests and fans a lot. Continue reading Simply Cute, These Angels!

Taylor Swift Is the Job Model

On Tuesday, it was finally so far: the makers of the “Victoria’s secret fashion show 2014” ran the hottest models of the industry in a hint of anything on the catwalk. One was missing this year on the catwalk: Jessica Hart (28). Blame Taylor Swift (24) was calculated.

As already in the past year fueled Taylor Swift at the “Victoria’s secret fashion show 2014” a musically. As well as Ed Sheeran (23), Ariana Grande (21) and newcomer Hozier (24) was allowed to shine the singer in addition to the angels on the runway and thus give your hits to the best. Continue reading Taylor Swift Is the Job Model