Sweepstakes & Strumming Eyelashes Thanks To Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara

Max Factor, the old Beautifier Knight, came suddenly rode on his horse and hand the new Max factor masterpiece glamour extensions 3-in-1 volume mascara, to us to twist the eyes or rather: to miss the most beautiful lashes of all time. We can but not by any bewildered Max tell us what is good or not, but take a little test on heart and kidney of new Turbo mascara look directly. Scalamari-Jane-tested, so to speak.

This is but long since not all: in addition to my small self test, makeup artist Stephan Schmied betrays you on top a few secrets for the ultimate glamour look and you can it even soon even live about your innermost beauty questions squeeze. In between, there’s even more to win. Are you ready? Everything after the series and go: Continue reading Sweepstakes & Strumming Eyelashes Thanks To Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara

Looking for Evening Wear. BA & SH #Ninepm Collection

When you look in my closet you might think really, I had not much on the hat, which also somehow true, with festive occasions, but every now and then I swing dance of course very well with pleasure. I wear this sweater, usually jeans and flat shoes, sometimes even by mistake but at most a T-Shirt, precisely because sometimes somehow was any hint of Aufbrezelei for the ton. That should change soon, tell my girlfriends, and also that we us finally another kill in the collective and cocktails could slurp. But like. When I namely honest, gelustet’s me lately anyway after a bit more grace, or better said: after a bit more bling bling in my listening life, because if not then, when otherwise. To bring even more pressure in the game, there is also an extensive Silvestersause in the House; the motto: RAAR!. Na super. Continue reading Looking for Evening Wear. BA & SH #Ninepm Collection

7 Developments In Fashion – According To Lidewij Edelkoort

Lidewij Edelkoort will now also far away from fashion now a term be industry, the trend and consumer research for some one or one, for the native Dutch is Oracle of an entire industry, summarizes current on the point, calls developments, which we could perhaps long track, but not in words and talk straight in a circus, which although now and again still glitters , which basically but pretty bad is.

With her thesis “fashion as we know it, is dead” publish anti-fashion manifesto polarized at the time from her last year, should however be right: Designer changed 2016 as often as never the positions, the “Lake of now, buy now” concept was implemented almost everywhere and seems the ruble against don’t expect the roles to bring, and while some brands on extravagance and use loud OHS , while beads of sweat on his forehead have they no longer threaten in the coming year “vogue”, the others rely on simple, but strong sales products without Whaows other spectacle. What’s going on? And how do we get from it? In an interview with the Deutsche Welle you sat down with the trend researcher Edelkoort again at the table. The result? A small inventory of their theses, their predictions – and a Status Quo. There are no new insights are there waiting for us, but there are small documents that explain fairly clearly the codes of fashion and the signs of the times: Continue reading 7 Developments In Fashion – According To Lidewij Edelkoort

Pictures of the Day Co-Lab: Wool & the Gang “& Other Stories”

In addition to pottery and painting, even knitting stands for years again on the list of our small, craft hobbies, which break our spirit from their daily lives and stimulate our creativity – and at the same time give us the wonderful feeling of “what do think in the hands”. Magic can head out and the little fingers. Because we need a good reason for the “Puttering” but sometimes, when we plug not just ankle-deep in a rate or completely rearrange our apartment, & other stories today at the right time around the corner. As has been the Swede with the London diy label wool and the gang together in time for Christmas and presents the co-lab to do it yourself.

The idea behind this: Fashion clothes and the craft again appreciate more, come taste and again more frequently resort to the yarn. But now the head red start who, while he looks on his two left hands, which we can assure you this co-lab are not excluded: in addition to knitting sets a collection of already identities pieces waiting for you – and just in time to the Christmas Countdown from December 1. Continue reading Pictures of the Day Co-Lab: Wool & the Gang “& Other Stories”

Shop the Look / / 3 x Christmas Eve: the Dark Edition

It of been a while, that I myself for Christmas Eve really aufbrezelte, I decided to but unfortunately about three years ago with my friend in the future to take the Christmas menu, to relieve my mom finally after all these years. We are so in the kitchen in time from 15: 00 and swirl around. Eight people want to finally Cook are – and for this we come since then in four courses the craziest for the table. No wonder, then, that the evening outfit at this point comes much too short and not even time for the lipstick. This conclusion is be in this year, however, because not only my sister and her small group this time ensures support – also the outfit is scheduled in wise foresight this time. Continue reading Shop the Look / / 3 x Christmas Eve: the Dark Edition

Advent Calendar Gate 6: With The Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag Mini By Luisa Via Roma

On today’s winning we are particularly envious, today granted because Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel not merely brought another bag on the market with this creation, they have perfected a true classic. With its purist line and her sense of color compositions Mansur Gavriel has become within a very short time one of the most sought after Pocket labels – and still get it: because their pockets are still always constantly sold out, so popular and so rare as on the first day. The model even in warm red comes along, you can you be sure, that it’s a stroke of luck. We’re talking from experience, because black, however, can wrap up: simple of jeans + basic shirt + red bag ; Continue reading Advent Calendar Gate 6: With The Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag Mini By Luisa Via Roma

How To: Bronde

On me verily no stylist has been lost, I can even do it on me schnibbeln new split ends in your hair and instead of producing only none, I Snort my hair regularly in care oils, to whitewash the divided truth with almond scent. What I can but good: be brave. And terribly impatient. Why I walk every time even to act rather than take on a snazzy appointment at the hair stylists of my confidence, which exists only in my wildest dreams of Spa. Last weekend I was so once again by head boredom overwhelmed at the crossroads of the infinite possibilities. Long Bob? Close. Micro-pony? Stirnschwitzer. Color? But Hello.

The initial situation: from birth I have very dark brown hair, the I regularly Brown sounds, to not go down in Blassheit. You should of course not just about color, professionals say the last color linen but is three months. As I so finally to the long outdated “ombre” trend came upon the now very clever Bronde calls, I now pronounce you in quite simple, unprofessional, but effective steps: Continue reading How To: Bronde

Beauty Spot: Jacks Beauty Department Berlin

There are places where I, implying that you not visit it for the soul, but because you somehow must, or should. To become schlau(er) for example – or for’s good conscience. Places for the mind stop: the University, the dentist, piano concertos, the brother-in-law, the salad bar and the boring, of course. And then there’s just these places, it is looking on from time to time alone or in society, and exclusively for the heart and the outrageous need for self Liebhabung. And this is so well

I call that – beauty spots and there are quite a few. The best and say I will show most distinctive you in my new series of the greatest beauty spots in the world. Making the beginning on my beauty map today: jacks beauty Department in Berlin. Continue reading Beauty Spot: Jacks Beauty Department Berlin

Sweepstakes Checked Out: What’s In It In The Glossybox?

It took long time until I finally gave my beauty hearing the Berlin boys and girls from the Glossybox. So far, I had even perceived a box at most on the edge that was expected and opened by the girls and women in the country over the social media channels and blogs almost always eagerly and whose contents always was a surprise. Really under your fingers it has but yet never really itch me here – yes, why not?

Maybe because I take things in hand even better, instead of being surprised? Or because I previously had the insane Macke, push me around for incomprehensible reasons mainly in the well-stocked, priceless high-end cosmetics corners? Also, because I put the name “Glossybox” in a smooth polished drawer so far quite easily now, rather than take a closer to the content to me. The reigns of Glossybox could in any case not longer leave that and hakten Edition even more precisely, to us with their special styling to work box on the may Edition aka – and they are right: as always is first tried and if at all, then be bitching. Therefore, we begin as always from scratch – and end up with a small, fine surprise for you. Continue reading Sweepstakes Checked Out: What’s In It In The Glossybox?

Chanel AW 2015: Visiting The Open House In Hamburg + Our 4 Highlights

After I myself only eagerly might want direction Hamburg on their side on Sarah Jane’s last visit, I had even the chance to take a look at the Chanel open beauty House on the Harbour and close to make me a colourful image of the autumn-winter beauty trends this time.

The upcoming AW 2015 stands Chanel beauty world: for example, two large (very different) color themes – and I want to no longer deprive you beauty mice what that means:

Color theme number 1

Blue Rithm: the eye is in focus and is a star – help him strongly pigmented, silvery metallic or deep blue Eyeshadows. The soloist OMBRE essential may be worn very much with wet applicator, so scary is gaining intensity and is therefore also perfect for my beloved Yes secretly and so hot, hard graphic looks suitable. Continue reading Chanel AW 2015: Visiting The Open House In Hamburg + Our 4 Highlights

Hair Trend: The Courage To The Natural Grey

I can only imagine what it’s like to discover the very first gray hair on the head: between Oh, God!, AHA, and Han, all this should be funny. But shock, surprise and wit are mostly just a fraction away from each other. I have luck, when I say that this topic will most likely too early also still not will befall me, as my dearest MOM nor my father with mid 50 great grey are. However, there is a solid project: of course to be grey. Admitted, that is not concerned simply and plump shake from the sleeves and therefore say, so many beautiful women make me these days but simply leaves: Continue reading Hair Trend: The Courage To The Natural Grey

Nose To Nose With Perfumer Mark Buxton – Hien Le No, Grilled Chicken And Fragrance Trends

Mark Buxton may be not everyone out there now a term – the perfumes, the German perfumer who created, however. Mark is an icon, even if he niemalsnicht would admit that. He has already fragrances for big fashion houses like Comme des Garcons, Givenchy, Burberry and Cartier created, to you and you with Karl – and Paris, of course, is his home base. His latest scent work is now created in cooperation with Hien Le and Verduu fragrances – and come out it’s first unisex perfume of the Berlin Designer.

After the show, I asked the very charismatic mark on a cigarette and a smell tryst on the porch:

Scalamari: didn’t think that perfumers smoke. This stinks but. What is the best thing that you ever smelled it? Continue reading Nose To Nose With Perfumer Mark Buxton – Hien Le No, Grilled Chicken And Fragrance Trends

Alessandro X Atelier Michalsky The Paint Is Not Out Yet, He Is Only Newly Painted

Fashion is dead. A lot has changed in the home of Michalsky times just drastically. From Michael Michalsky, Nigel brand new label was summarily Atelier Michalsky. There will no longer be seasonal collections now, namely – rod is abolished – now, couture is on the agenda. A whiff of rebellion is in the air.

Is none of the words which you immediately would connect the designer, like driving the big number constraint. 28 looks he has reduced himself during the last fashion show in the Berlin Ritz-Carlton Grand Ballroom – that was it but then also with restraint. In addition to the newly created legendary style Nite Party sounds it also from the catwalk in typical “Michalsky” manner – this time just however with glued-on Couture stamp: handmade lace gowns and beaded sea meet on pastel silk organza. Michalsky’s couture designs define modern silhouettes, Sorbet – and cream tones. Break the looks oversized hats, wreaths of flowers in the hair, and metallic Plateausnakers. Continue reading Alessandro X Atelier Michalsky The Paint Is Not Out Yet, He Is Only Newly Painted