5 Styling Tips for Marsala

Marsala – an Italian liqueur wine from Sicily was godfather for the fashionable Palermo (28) 2015 Olivia and Alexa Chung (31) carry them already. Our site reveals how you properly combine the warm red tone.

The American company PANTONE selects each year the trend color of the year. The upcoming fashion year is after “Radiant Orchid” – Lila now Red: Marsala, an earthy wine red, the it color is the year 2015 godfather for this is the eponymous Italian liqueur wine. This decision is not only for the product design and the auto industry is crucial – but especially for the fashion.

Marsala: trend color 2015
“Marsala comes out from the inside, touches the soul and gives confidence and stability”, explains LEATRICE EISEMAN, Executive Director of the PANTONE color Institute, the choice. And further: “Similar to such as the Sicilian liqueur wine, which lends its name to Marsala, this tasteful sound embodies the whopping satisfaction after a successful meal.”

Many stars are already fan of Marsala. So about Blake Lively (27) appeared already in may in Cannes in the rustic red, and also the style icons Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung have already discovered the trend color for yourself. But who can wear this color? Our site explains the key styling rules:

  1. who can wear it?
    Everyone! The elegant color flatters all types – whether the Brunettes with olive complexion or blondes with delicate porcelain stone. Very sensual acts the reddish brown color in red-headed women. Who is particularly pale, should make sure to make-up the lips or mouth. Exciting: cherry-red painted lips to the outfit in Marsala tone.
  2. how color combine?
    With the black and white combination partners you can do nothing wrong. Color reminiscent of autumn is particularly well but in combination with neutral stone and earth tones and warm taupe and grey variants. Bernstein, Umbra, a golden yellow are elegant to Marsala sound. And bright colors like turquoise and pink make for a kick of freshness in winter.
  3. portable power from head to toe?
    In the head-to-to-look, the color has its strongest presence. So that’s not monotony, can be provided with a mix of materials for voltage. Leather leggings and culottes in the reddish-brown color, which are worn to the turtlenecks are particularly elegant. Also extravagant statement necklaces and animal prints in footwear and accessories make for a refined break the monotonous look.
  4. can the colour be worn also in the evening?
    Very good indeed. Exciting: to a silk blouse in Marsala, a copper-colored skirt pull. The most elegant gold jewelry looks to the great evening gown in Marsala. When choosing a shoe on nude models, make sure black high heels would be a hard to break to the delicate gowns.
  5. does the color even when the makeup?
    Definitely! Smokey eyes eyeshadow in shades of Marsala is not only elegant, but also less dramatic in anthracite. Lips also look bright red lips in Marsala sound noble. And who dares not eye shadow or lipstick in Marsala, painted his nails in the reddish-brown color. Fashionistas attract even a matching outfit in Marsala to the Marsala-make-up.