5 Tips on How You Styled Vintage Fashion

The Italian Elisa Nalin is exquisitely, street style icon, stylist and knows the criteria for a perfect look. In an interview with Our site, she reveals lovers of vintage clothing and accessories as those styling them properly and reading type.

Elisa Nalin has studied design in Milan and now lives in the fashion capital Paris, where she works as a stylist and blogging. Last year, it was there and on other international fashion events are celebrated for their special outfits and photographed by numerous street style photographer.

Our site met Nalin on the Hugo Boss styling Nite in Berlin and coaxed her five tips for styling of vintage fashion in the interview:

  1. explore flea markets and vintage shops.
    “I love to shop vintage and flea markets to go on, especially in Paris”, says Elisa Nalin and adds that it is a real adventure for them: “such as hunting, only to clothing”, so the Italian.
  2. find out what is available.
    Elisa Nalin white: “vintage fashion is hard to style. You need a look for it. One must know very well its body shape and the cuts that are one.” Which dress is what type of figure, we reveal to you on Our site.
  3. take time!
    Also in shopping, it says: no rush to avoid impulse buying and finding the perfect part for himself. This is of course difficult, but Elisa white: “the good news is: there is something for everyone.” One must be very patient, if you shoppt vintage fashions.”
  4. How do I find the right dress for my character?
    “Fits a dress from the 50’s to any body shape, for example,” reveals the stylist. “Because one must be very careful. Sometimes there’s also fantastic stuff from the 80’s, with shoulder pads and straight cut. That is some very good, most of it looks silly.”
  5. look for these five vintage-must-haves:
    Elisa Nalin advises to a leather jacket, a parka in the military style, man pants, a suit and a tuxedo from the 70s.