6 Alternatives to the Cocktail Dress

The classic cocktail dress will never go out of fashion. Now, it gets on festive occasions but very nice competition from jumpsuit, black tie and trendy combinations of skirt and top! Trendsetters like Sienna Miller (32) and Cara Delevingne (22) show six new, sophisticated alternatives to the knee umspielenden all-rounder.

It’s just is partytime – high season for festive occasions! Fashionable there is also reason to celebrate, because: never there were so many cool alternatives to the Classic cocktail dresses, sequins, lace or velvet, where you can shine on the holidays.

Actress Sienna Miller put a festive evening appearance without cocktail dress such as the 52nd New York Film Festival. Her look: black, langarmlies cropped top with black polished, bodenlangem pleated skirt. For plain-colored outfits to festive, you combine accessories and jewelry in precious metals such as (Rosé) gold, bronze, copper, and silver. Extra tip: Even makeup may shine now! Nail Polish with glitter particles and highlighter in bronze, copper, or gold on lids and temples are now welcome.

But attention, alternatives require styling rules:

  • Be careful on neckline and slit. A too low-cut neckline and a high slit are forbidden on a corporate Christmas party. At a private party on the other hand, there’s less Styling traps.
  • Keep the belly button covered! The most important rule when cropped tops: your belly may up a hand-width above the navel that said. Therefore: access to high-cut skirt or pants.
  • Select you high-quality, breathable materials such as silk, satin and cotton. You sweat very quickly in synthetic fibres. And you want to spend the new year’s Eve party with your friends but not in the seats, but on the dance floor, or?
  • Less is more! Generally speaking: the outfit in one or more signal colors is kept, should that makeup be discreet. However, a black trouser suit or a dark blue combination of Maxi skirt and top handle Smokey Eyes, red lipstick, or shiny metallic highlights on the cheeks or eyelids like.

Check out our six alternatives to the cocktail dress, how to style it and just buy, in our picture gallery!