65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Delicate Tattoos

I always wanted to do a tattoo, but as yet there is a preconceived notion too big in my profession (law firm) and my father is of type well intransigent about this, I just kept putting as much as possible this “plan”. The problem is that, now, this desire has increased each day more and maybe who knows, after breastfeeding I might take a risk on this journey!

As a tattoo is something for life, I want something that’s small, delicate, that mean something and you don’t get much to show (so I can hide in hearings and meetings and I don’t get sick!).

So … As I’m looking for inspirations for me, I decided to share them with you and seek other opinions.

I loved the idea of birth date because I can put the image of Lucca and the future of my second creation!
I thought I’d also expect the Lucca grow and tattoo any phrase or word with his handwriting, but I don’t know if I can handle waiting so long!

And you have tattoos? Do you want to do it??
I need ideas and inspirations, so let’s share the tips in the comments here!