7 Trends That Better Are Curvy Women

Can thin women carry everything? Yes! Nevertheless, there are trends that are simply better at curvy women. Our site suggests, you must now put on which seven curves hit.

  1. shift dresses
    The mixture of figure-hugging and this dress makes good the curves star – in women beyond the size 38 with subtle sexiness shine. Make the mistake to hide curves under Over size clothing that is usually too pompous. Too much leg and neck are also not good, fast cheap can look.
  2. grey-fully-look
    One color from head to toe – in this season please gray complete! -a real win-win styling is to wear for curvy women. Because: This is on the one hand, slimmer look. On the other hand, only your curves the subtle combination give the necessary portion sharpness, to not look like grey mouse.
  3. Bustier dress
    Bustier dresses need a generous cleavage that fills them and gives them the right support. Also shows it is not to much breast, but a beautiful heart shape. Make sure that then the skirt is cut or has at least calf length, it looks classy!
  4. pencil skirt
    This classic is just the most beautiful with sexy hips. The high-cut option puts the accent on the waist and brings the hips and the butt in shape.
  5. Marlene pants
    The high-cut Marlene pants draws attention to the waist and beautiful hips. The wide cut laminated tight legs. Please always wear high shoes, that extra stretch.

6 Hochgeschnittene tube
High-cut tubes have the same effect of figures like the pencil skirt – only in the casual Variant.

7-boat neck
Boat neck tops need a certain bust to be sexy and not boring. Nevertheless, to lush cleavage is this laminated. Draw attention to neck and shoulders so they show skin but no breast – though elegant and sexy at the same!