A Brief History of the Bikini

How this small swimsuit shocked then conquered Europe and America.

ISeventy years ago, the first bikini history appeared during a fashion show of bathroom items in Paris. This swimsuit is today so widespread-and compared so wise-it is almost difficult to understand how he could so shocking at the time.

When the bikini was born, its suggestive cut scandalised even the french models who had to wear; they refused to ask or paraded, and bikini designer was forced to hire a stripper for his show.

The images that adorn this article illustrate how the bikini has been gradually accepted-on the BIKINIWILL before arriving in the United States-to eventually become a classic on the beaches.

When the bikini was introduced to the public in 1946, it was not, and by far, the first piece of clothing revealing forms women in public. IVe century, for example, the Roman gymnasts wear headbands masking their breasts, downs near swimwear bikini and even ankle bracelets that dépareilleraient not on the beaches of Southern California today.

At the turn of the XXe century, however, such an outfit would have been unthinkable. Women who went to the sea to swim were doing their utmost to conceal their body when they went to the beach.

They wore very large bath outfits and some were even use a Victorian invention, the “mobile bath cabin”, a kind of small cabin wooden or canvas and mounted on axles. The bather entered the cabin completely dressed and is put on his swim wear.

The operation performed, horses (and sometimes men) moved the mobile bath cabin into the waves. The bather out then, sea side and thus could swim without be observed from the shore.

In the following decades, the dress code of the seaside softens considerably. In 1907, the Australian swimmer and silent movie star Annette Kellerman-a lawyer of more adapted to swimming – bath outfits is rewarded fined for appearing on the beach of Revere, in Boston, in an outfit that is marrying its forms – and sleeveless.

The legal feud that result and made headlines uttered the beaches in the country to review their legislation. In 1915, American women commonly wore swimwear one-piece.