About Us

It is almost impossible not to associate technology with our day. With so many new things that make life easier, it’s worth using the latest computer technology to our advantage. Lately, what has been most successful are the applications on fashion for mobile or tablet. They are programs that are quick and easy to use and can save a lot of time and effort if you know how to use them. There are some that can be very useful for us women, such as fashion that help us in the arduous task of choosing a cool look or buying the right clothes.

About Us

Fashion it

This app helps you choose what to wear at any occasion by inspiring bloggers and celebrities who know how to dress well. The cool thing is that you can find the pieces of clothing you liked in virtual stores that the application itself indicates. Just find a tag on the picture, select it and you’re done! You’ll already know where to buy that beautiful T-shirt that you fell in love with at first sight.

You can save the looks you like and can even create your own looks and organize them into folders by dates and occasion. All very well organized and practical to save time and money. Another advantage is the possibility of choosing a blog as a favorite and be warned whenever a new look appears on it. That way you will always stay on top of the news.

Kaleidoscope Fashion

Another application that will undoubtedly make your life much easier. Here you will find the latest news from the fashion world and can know exactly where to buy each piece of clothing or every accessory you like. The application does a search in several countries so you have the look you want. The images are taken from the best fashion blogs of today, looks from celebrities, fashion shows and fashion editors.

When you choose a piece, in addition to appearing an equal to buy also appear images of other good looking pieces that can fit in what you want. And if you can not make the purchase at that moment, just save the image to make the order later. You can create your own profile according to your style. To download the application just have the Android system in versions 2.3.3 or higher.

Fashion edge

For those who like to be inside all the news of the fashion world this is the right application. At Borda da Moda you will find everything you need to know about the latest fashion shows, all the news that appeared there. Great fashion names and famous brands are always there and the app still provides you with some good shopping tips. And if you missed that fashion show you wanted to watch, Fashion Edge provides a video gallery of the world’s most famous fashion shows that took place in New York, Paris, London and Milan.

eBay Fashions

Many people already know the eBay shopping site where it is possible to buy everything at a very affordable price with international prices. For in this application you will find everything from clothes, shoes and accessories. An excellent advantage is that you can take advantage of the best deals in the market because the application warns you the start and end date of each one so you do not miss anything.

You can do your own research using keywords so you do not miss a single second and if you did not find the ideal part you can choose the option to search for items similar to the one that most fit your profile. The application also comes with a translation and currency conversion tool to make your life easier. To use all these advantages just create an account on eBay and you’re done!

With these applications you save time by hitting the street, going to various stores and doing price research. At home, you can do all this and with several advantages, look several different looks and it is much easier to find something that pleases you. The downside is not being able to taste the clothes which can be a very important detail at the time of purchase. But if it does not, you can trade.