Alain Figaret Shirts Review

Article written by a faithful reader: Guillaume R, who is a trainee at Figaret and who wanted us to benefit from his contact with the brand.

Since 1968, Alain Figaret has been offering men’s ready-to-wear clothing. Although relatively unknown, this house is often cited in relatively few items of men’s fashion, what I find a shame considering the excellent quality / price you can find there.

Let’s start with Alain Figaret’s flagship product: shirts. Contrary to what can be found in men’s shirt brands like Xoos, these are rather classic and sobriety, in terms of colors (blue, pink and white for the most part) and in the cup (no Cake shovels and no fluorescent orange buttons). One advantage of Figaret first lies in the large number of choices available: one will find most of the existing types of collars (French, American, English, Italian, half-Italian …), straight cuts or slims Semi-slims, simple cuffs and musketeers, and long-sleeved shirts (5 cm longer than a classic shirt). You should find there your happiness whatever your morphology.

Personally, being rather tall and thin, it is a joy to be able to wear tailored shirts at my shoulder width without sleeves falling 10 cm too short . For an average price of 90 euros, the brand offers shirts of good quality that could easily be found at 130 euros at the competition: buttons mother-of-pearl, Egyptian cotton, double weft twists. Small downside to the quality however: the top button often tends to unbuckle.

A detail may also be displeasing to some, although it is not my case: the neck does not include removable whales, these being replaced by a triple cotton reinforcement. Well ironed the collar still retains its shape well. The brand also offers linen shirts, which I have not yet tested.

I myself have a soft spot for the Gatsby neck, a semi-spread collar with a white slice nicely with the rest of the shirt, the semi-fitted cut:

Let’s move on to ties, for which there is also a wide variety of choices available, always remaining in the classic (no ties with designs or patterns). These are also of good quality, entirely in silk of course, and handmade in Italy. Note the presence of 7-ply ties, that is to say without interlining, holding the tie being given solely by folding, which gives it a more finely crafted and allows the formation of a knot more generous.

This type of tie is offered only by a small number of signs, mostly Italian, and at generally fairly high prices (since their manufacture requires more fabric than that of a “normal” tie) , so it is really nice to be able to find here at 89 euros . It’s still an investment, but it’s still fairly reasonable compared to the rates that are found elsewhere.

Alain Figaret will also find accessories reserved for the most dandy of us: cufflinks, bow ties and ascots, on which I will not however be able to dissert much since I never wear them.

In short, I can not recommend too much to go take a look in shop, although unfortunately the discounts practiced during the sales are not as interesting as elsewhere!

Added October 14: Alain Figaret is also plaid shirts in this short video