All You Need to Know Before You Buy Softshell Jacket

Clothes soft shell is easy to like. They can withstand wind and water, but do not rustle and has a soft inside with fleece. Here are the details you should know.

Softshell is comfortable against the skin while the material is technically advanced. It makes many love softshell, especially those who like winter sports. A smart softshell jacket is in fact the ultimate garment for those who like to go skiing with the family or take a ride on skating. For those who do not have a clue what softshell is – how would you describe it? – Softshell is a broad concept and it there are several different types of soft shell. The one we sell has three layers. It is a polyester outer shell by laminating a wind and water repellent layer on breathing, and then have a fleece at the back. It does garments very soft to take in, unlike a classical shell jacket. Softshell clothing is light and flexible while they resist wind and water, says Magnus Berggren, who is Head of Design 8848 Altitude. When it is suitable to use a softshell jacket really? – Now! They are perfect to wear until the snow comes, and then perfect when the snow starts to disappear again. So it is a leisure jacket for autumn and spring. The fabric breathes in a good way, so you can also have it to different types of exercise, even in winter. In winter you can have your softshell jacket as an intermediate layer under a jacket or shell jacket. What should I look out for when I buy a jacket in soft shell? – I think you should choose a jacket that has a rather body near the silhouette, so it does not becomes large and prominent. In addition to a tight fit so I think you should choose someone with big pockets and great, so that you can take with you many things in the jacket, which is handy. Also choose a jacket that you can adjust the bottom and on the hood. Perhaps the jacket through the ventilation opportunities that you can use if you get too warm. Both the overall feeling and the details are important for it to become a new favorite jacket. Soft Shell and skiing go very well together. Is there a trend in the soft shell? – The sport that is increasing most in the Alps is Randonnée when you attach the skins under skis, climbing mountains and then go down. It is a high pulse sports are sweaty and then the thin, tight and light garments that apply – and for that purpose softshell absolutely perfect. What 8848 Altitudes best soft shell models? – Daft Softshell Jacket is this year’s winner for us on the men’s side and Snake Softshell Jacket on the women’s side, its counterpart which is also quite popular. There softshell only in jackets?

– No, we have, for example, Steve Softshell Pant, which is a completely new type of trousers. It has soft shell on the whole front and on its surface, but the rest of the back is a power stretch fabric, which is a material that does not have laminate without breathing. The inside is fleece. The pant is made just for randonnéeturer, but is also super when you go skating, cross-country skiing with the family or hajkar during the winter.