Amal Clooney with Cool Lego Bag and Luxury Shoes

Amal Clooney is not afraid to choose accessories that stand out.

The other day left the lawyer who is married to George Clooney’s home in London with a “lego bag” at the ready.

See the beautiful color clique here.

She really has a style all its own, Amal Clooney 37th

Counsel – which since 2014 is married to Hollywood hunk George Clooney – often look to select accessories that stand out for their lyxplagg.

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On August 17, she left home in London in a bright pink asymmetrical ensemble from Stella McCartney. The astute notes that the ribbed skirt and top previously been worn by Sienna Miller.

The bright pink outfit in all its glory. But it was Amal’s shoe and väskval which have aroused-desire.

Amal Clooney with lego bag

Photographed from the front, it looked like a classic white bag. But from the side appeared the colorful pattern is clear. The bag comes from Les Petits joueurs who are known for their playful but stylish, accessors. The pattern is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s classic paintings and the bag is constructed of Lego.

The white bag is named “Alex Mondrian” and has a price tag of nearly 10 000.

On the feet bar Amal Clooney a few low leather shoes with orange soles from Stella McCartney.

Amal Clooney – Clooney married

It is not the first time the Amal stand out with their fashion choices.

In January, she attended the Golden Globes with a pimped Dior handbag and a pair of tall white gloves.

We have also seen her in a 70s outfit and yellow zigzag patterned trousers as she matched with feather top.