Bachelor Party Speech Funny

Bachelorette party: the most witty and amusing phrases to celebrate the start of a new life together and make the festive atmosphere of the festival.

For the  hen party of your friend is all ready, you thought to clothing, to local, drink, games and the show but can not miss a serious semi speech to do the bride ! Tell your friend how much you are happy for her is a must, but a small joke is inevitable, especially if you are the stalwarts of the single life.

You can start prospettandole all the hassles of married life , like dirty socks found him in the living room, the toilet seat up, the nail scissors she used the hubby to shorten the nose hairs. The ironic touches on the wedding routines are certainly not lacking, you can play on these “common places” to bring a smile to your girlfriend.

In the United States sarcastic speeches to the spouses before and after the ceremony, they are an increasingly respected tradition. They tell jokes about married life , improvised speeches about how it will a discussion when she wants to go out to dinner and he’ll want to stay at home watching sports on TV. You too can take a cue from these events that will surely befall! One of the funniest speeches provides a parallel between the man and the cat, and just reads “because a cat is better than a man”:

  1. A cat always hits the litter
  2. It ‘easier to educate a cat than a man
  3. No matter what your cat indoors ports, you do not have to pretend you like it
  4. You do not have to spend time with the mother of your cat
  5. If you ask a number of times, a cat could also listen to, at the end
  6. The cat purrs to thank you when preparing food
  7. A cat can shorten the claws but is an impossible task to cut the toenails to a man
  8. Not a problem if a cat rubs against your friend
  9. A cat will never become a pig during a party
  10. A cat knows that you are the key to his happiness, the man thinks otherwise
  11. If a cat jumps on your bed when you are tired, just a few caresses

Then there is the Decalogue which explains why God has also created Eve:

  1. God was concerned that Adam could get lost in the earthly garden, seen that men never ask for directions
  2. God knew that Adam would need someone that he found the tv remote
  3. God knew that Adam would never buy a new fig leaf even when his was now worn
  4. God knew that Adam would never go to the doctor alone
  5. God knew that Adam alone was not able to separate
  6. God knew that the world was to be populated and no man is able to endure a pregnancy
  7. God wanted someone to help Adam to find his the hand tool
  8. God knew that Adam would need someone to blame for his personal problems after the expulsion from Paradise
  9. The Bible also says: “It is not good that man should be alone.”Who knows what may be combined in the kitchen
  10. After creating Adam, God looked at him closely and said, “Oh come on, I can do better.”

Even the dry, dry phrases are witty and ironic :

  • A famous sentence reads: “Marriage is the only war where one sleeps with the enemy”, are you sure you wanna do this?
  • You’re my friend, you’ll stand by when you’re ready … the altar with a pair of comfortable shoes to run.
  • What do you say we, as a wedding present, you regalassimo quite a journey to a distant goal, single traveler?
  • Bigamy is having one husband too many, monogamy too!
  • Remember that losing a husband is tough … sometimes impossible.Try in crowded places.
  • Never marry a man for money, you need to earn hard every penny.
  • Love is blind, but marriage sees us well
  • Marriage is not a word, it is a judgment.
  • All women should be married, after all, happiness is not everything in life
  • The man does not understand the woman in only two circumstances: before marriage and after marriage
  • Marriage is beautiful.It ‘wonderful to find that special person that will bother you for a lifetime.

Remember that good taste always wins: if your friend is not a very self-ironic kind, never mind the most sarcastic and concentrate on those sentences more acceptable. The bachelorette party is his last before becoming a wife, it is not the case to make it unpleasant to the birthday girl.