Bad Girls of Fashion against The Good, Would That Team You Prefer?

The fight has always been present between the look girl good girl or preppy against the rock or bad girl look. Well, from my point of view, I think that it resides in the mix. There are moments for everything, even if it is true that we tend to lean more on one side of the scale than on the other.

Known internet muses, the celebrities and the fashion professionals also belong more to one side than another. We are clear where they would be some as Alice Dellal o Agyness Deyn and other like Olivia Palermo o Diane Kruger. But there are other more & #8230; would you like to see those who are bad and good in the world of fashion? ¡Mira!

On the first side we find celebrities, on the one hand we have to Theodora Richards, the daughter of Patti Hansen y Keith Richards, Rolling Stones guitarist. And on the other side, we find a Alexa Chung, that is not missing that you present, surely already know it.

We went from celebrities to fashion professionals. On the side of bad girls have to Kate Lanphear, style Director of Vogue Usa, addicted to black, crosses and Gothic accessories and striking by its melenita in oxygenated rubio. And on the other side, Giovanna Battaglia, fashion editor of L´Uomo Vogue, always perfect and beautiful.

Two possible shoes that make us opt more for one side or the other. Louboutin front Miu Miu.

Finally we leave passage to the muses of internet, our street-stylers who inspire us every day when we turn on the pc. On the one hand we have to Rumy Neely Fashion Toast whose blog exceeds thousands of visits each day and on the other side to the sweet Louise Ebel, photographed on more than one occasion by the author of the blog The sartorialist.

To bando do you belong?