Bad Things about Leggings

The leggings are the love of every woman. All we have an infinite number in their drawers. They are fashionable now to be quite a lot of years, yet it seems that not all understand how to wear them.

Ah leggings, what would we do without them! They’re damn versatile and useful for every occasion, as defined by emilyleggings. There are those of comfortable and lightweight cotton to wear to stay at home, do sports, go out to the grocery store or taking the dog for a walk, those below the knee useful for the sea or fresh during hot summer days, we have those with the padded inside for those who can not do without them even in winter.

Those colored or patterned for a drink with friends, or those of the skin for a disco or a romantic output. There’s a pair for every occasion and every season. There is never enough, and we would like it more and more.

In our drawers there are packs of each color or existing fantasy world. But the question is, are loyal companions or ready to betray us at the first opportunity?

Let’s find out in these 11 steps that we do not completely escape.

1. They are not pants

I feel the need to shout it to the world, leggings not pants are so treat them as such could be very risky, for you and for all those around you.

If you just believe you want to leave home without a knit longuette need to know that the risk stumbling in some irremediable and (or) rrore style is just around the corner, so be very careful.

2. Effect of camel hoof

Horror of horrors!  The so-called “camel toe” is categorically forbidden, but most inconceivable impossible not notale, I assure you that the effect is totally disgusting and embarrassing. If you own your leggings cannot help but slip in everywhere, maybe you should give un’allungatina your shirt. I do not even believe you?

3. Too much transparency

Beware, that leggings are not the most garment opaque the world as we well know all. But when enough is enough. Would not you that if our leggings is so consumed as to leave nothing to the imagination, it is appropriate to buy a new one?

4. Effect Galaxy

Let’s debunk another myth.

It makes me very sad also, but the leggings not sfinano. On the contrary, they show every single imperfection of your buttocks or thighs, the minimum facet also escaped your eyes super careful with them is super accentuated. If you think you hide your kiletti excess entrusting you to a fantasy galaxy the risk of looking like real galaxies is assured.

5. Yet I remembered them blacks

We make an immoderate use and is known as cotton loses tone and color fast. Where did that magnificent pair of garish black leggings just bought a month ago? You know? Well now it has become a new pair gray faded. It happens.

6. Legging laddered

By law to know that smagliarsi first will be just your favorite pair. It is a scientific theory.

Maybe it happens on the day when you were out of houses and you liked you so much. But here it is that your bracelet is ready to smagliarvi all, or you’re sitting on a wooden bench next to the cute type, time to get up and there you have the hole and maybe will even pecked and a few splinter.

Pffff the injustices of life!

7. Slargati

It arrives for all time to say goodbye to our legging heart. One day they were in our drawers full shape and fluorescent colors, have been with us in the wildest nights, in happier days, were with us everywhere we went. And now what happened? Are we Doing in twice and they also have the effect paw elephant, do not give up may still be loyal companions, in your bed, used as a comfortable and soft pajamas.

8. Cellulite Alarm

Attentive, leggings do not forgive and do not hide. We rely on them completely but are not often so lenient and how it distracts a second tick here cellulite anywhere. In this case perhaps it is better to give up and rush out to buy jeans.

Help! Poor us.

9. Effect Muffin

The risk that our love handles snack out of our beloved leggings is uncontrollable. To avoid the risk of looking like all in the cute muffin squishy and sugary indossarne the advice is of a high pair for life and that’s it.

10. Embarrassing Fantasies

In the shop we both love, they were so fun and colorful, perhaps we also spent a lot of money there for their originality. Yet never once it finds a suitable opportunity, and above all the courage to wear them. Discriminated leggings poor.

11. Where are they?

There we have so many that no longer even remember what are the good ones and old ones. Obviously the most part, needless to say, are all the same color.

So this is the couple I had laddered yesterday, this one faded last year, with these we sleep, but where are the new ones? To you hunt.