Basic Clothing and Jewelry Accessories

We are less than a month to bring back the fall, sometimes the outfits for this and the next season may seem simple. Remember that a tiny but original accessory can give the touch that is missing, take a look at some of them.


Essential for the autumn climate in which no longer heat but not so cold. You not suffocated as a scarf but will keep you warm. There are many colors and designs, to suit all tastes. There is no excuse for you to not become one.


It is high time that you begin to remove the caps, but what if you now go in a hat? The Bohemian style are in trend and also give you great style.

Tartan scarves

This pattern to box is a classic of the autumn-winter. But especially this year back tightly in scarves, there are different colors and give life to your look.


They have become extra large belts, these accessories do magic, since if you put them in your waist enhance your curves, since your waist is narrow. Put it on top of your coats, cardigans or sweaters.


Be a season away from the heat, does not indicate that the sun rises do not, and this does not hurt your eyes. Protect them with lenses of round pasta, and leaving behind those of Aviator.


For this season, there are many options; Metallized, hairy, leather and even flowery, go that this fall season brings us many surprises.


This fall, you have many options that you can select. Choose which goes with your style, such as anklet jewelry and experience this season.


That your necklaces are the center of attention. XXL necklaces are the “it” accessory. Don’t be shy and choose one large and you like it, will be no exaggeration.


As you callares them, bracelets also come in large sizes. They may have applications in leather or metal.

Ear cuffs

The earcuffs seem that they won’t go. If you have any in your collection, please do not hesitate to remove it again.


Rings are very original in this fall. Long time rings have been going in the first or second phalanx of fingers, not to the bottom. Rings that simulate a nail is to be seen this season.