Best Affordable Men’s Suit Brands

Many of you are telling us about Bruce Field in the comments: “How good their shirts ? “”Is the price / quality of their products correctly ?”,” ?”.

Faced with these insistent demands, we pushed the curiosity a little further.

Why a test on this brand?

The occasion was all found out more about Bruce Field: a brand of ready-to-wear, which claims to be the specialist shirt made in France, at competitive prices (70 € shirt  m ade in France , It’s unheard of, but what’s behind it?).

This locker room wants to address a whole category of senior executives. But recently, the brand also offers a casual wardrobe to convince a younger audience to be tempted by a certain vision, let us say, “accessible” elegance.

The article will offer you a little history about the origin and intent of the brand, not to mention the test of a complete outfit including a full suit and shirt.

The history of the Bruce Field ready-to-wear brand

It was in 1978 that Richard Layani, then young entrepreneur, decided to launch his ready-to-wear brand. It will be Bruce Field. We really do not know much else about the beginnings, except that the name came to Richard because he thought it “sounded good for the international”.

Benoît’s note: it was the time when French brands took English names, for it was more a salesman: Howard’s, Hartwood, Hartford, and so on.

The shirt, a centerpiece in the men’s locker room

Initially, Bruce Field wants to represent  the basis of any professional wardrobe , the perfect wardrobe for the office man who began his career. What’s better than the business shirt to start with? It is essential to be a minimum presentable in the office.

Bruce Field offers sober colors, united , and more cuts are available to suit all body types. All shirts have classic wrists or musketeers (cuffs designed to be worn with cufflinks).

In detail, here are the different cuts :

  • Dan: extra-slim model and small pass (cut very fit)
  • Benton: slim fit classic collar (this is by far the best selling model)
  • Ben: slim model with a high collar two buttons,
  • Boston: a classic straight cut.

The sign chooses its own fabrics and then supplies them to a workshop of confection of the Indre, located near Châteauroux. Every day is more than 400 folders that are produced in this workshop; One of the last in France to carry out all the operations necessary to make a shirt.

Note Benedict: it is frankly commendable initiative, because as Geoffrey wrote, the made in France is far from the easiest way for a clothing brand.

Men’s cloakroom: from the man of office to the elegant man

Gradually the locker Bruce Field widens, costume accessories. The customers of the first hour, they also evolved with the mark. Whether it is students looking for their first costume to executives in search of renewal, the diversity in the choice of the cut allows the brand to meet the least expectations of its customers.

The stated goal:  making available a suit with a quality / price. The costumes cost between 290 and 390 € for the most upmarket. Here again, several cuts are also available to satisfy the greatest number:

  • Dax / David: fitted jacket and fitted pants,
  • Daniel / David: such as the Dax Cup, but the jacket has a thinner lapel, more modern,
  • Simon / David: slim double-breasted jacket and fitted pants,
  • Raymond: fitted jacket and tapered trousers,
  • Dario: fitted jacket (a bit less than the cut Raymond) and tapered pants.

Note from Benoît: I salute this point of the mark, it is all to his honor to propose five different cuts for this price range.

Also note the presence of the collection called “Luxury”. An upmarket matching semi-cloth-lined suits, with houses fabrics that you know well: Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda Dormeuil or;  Whose prices defy all competition. The costumes are made by craftsmen in France, Portugal or Italy.

Note of Benoît: something rare to be underlined, the brand takes the trouble to specify that it is possible to unpair suit and pants to the order by contacting the customer service. On the other hand, it is a pity that the place of manufacture of the costumes is not systematically indicated on the pages produced.

If the mark remains fairly discreet, it’s because she says “spend a large part of its budget in the quality of the garment rather than in marketing.”

It is partly in this way that the sign has acquired and retain customers, with an average age of 35-40 years, who praise the good price / quality and made in France .

Bruce Field listens to its customers

In the price range at which Bruce Field is positioned (entry level), competition is tough. This is why the brand pays particular attention to the returns of their customers.

Although over 70% of the cloakroom Bruce Field wants timeless and understated, this does not exclude the incorporation of new experiments a little more relaxed, as is the case for these T-shirts printed patterns that I find Rather successful and quite surprising for a brand resolutely oriented “business wear”.

Of course, you have to start with little touches and there have been a few misfires (a few colors or a few cuts), but this is of no consequence.

Another surprising initiative for such a discreet brand: Bruce Field has developed a blog, “Bruce Life”, which is defined as a site of “lifestyle for 2.0 gentleman”. Why not…

It’s time to get an idea with the test!

Bruce Field Brand Test

I’ll be honest with you, so far, I’ve never had to wear a suit of my life. First, because the opportunity had never happened before (that’s what studying in journalism).

It could not get better for me, because Bruce Field this interesting offers for anyone wishing to get his first suit.

Benoît’s note: so that you have a fair idea of the cut, I asked Onur to retouch ONLY the length of the pants. The goal being that you have a good idea of the bending of the jacket when you go out of the shop, without retouching.

The pure wool cutter suit Dario Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 150’s

The costume I chose is from the “Prestige” collection; it is semi-canvas and fabric comes from a prestigious house that you know well: Vitale Barberis Canonico. It is the oldest spinning company in the world. If you want to be an expert on the subject, I refer you to the excellent article by Hugo Jacomet on the Parisian Gentleman.

His titration is a “Super 150’s”. To put it simply, the higher the index, the yarn is fine. I will stop you immediately, it does not constitute a guarantee of quality for all that; This is nothing more than the measure to get an idea about the size of the wire.

You will then tell me that the finer it is, the more it will crumple. This is true, but the Super 150’s titration is perfect for everyday use. I’ll spare you the technical details, but in summary, this assay provides excellent fallen, soft fabric more expensive and more fragile.

In terms of the cutting Dario, the jacket is adjusted. A cut slightly fit and which allows a certain ease in the movements.

By far, the suit retains its solid color, but on approaching, one can discern tiny stripes that blend while sober.

Shoulders not bleak padding, this is characteristic of the French jackets.

The armhole is low, so that the (wide) sleeves are a bit long to wear as a blazer everyday, one would see immediately that it is a suit jacket odd.

Speaking of sleeves, I note the kissing buttons , a detail that is boutique.

But the big surprise of the costume comes from its semi-interlining! I did not go to cut the piece to decipher its patronage but it shows on the touch.

As for the pants, the cut is tapered: it is adjusted and it reduces a little down.

The buttonholes are clean, not a thread that protrudes as much on the jacket as on the pants. On the other hand, the buttons are made of plastic. At that price, it’s something normal.

In short, it is a costume that will suit those who are looking for a first business piece, although Bruce Field offers other models with different colors and patterns.

The fine knitted knitted tie

Red dots on a blue satin, the smoothness of silk, and a quality / price ratio very good, adding more on ties? Submit a 100% silk tie to almost 29 euros is a small feat in itself!

The tie is available here  at 29 euros.

The fantasy shirt

I chose a piece with unusual patterns, as if to salute the opening of the brand in its desire to diversify its classic wardrobe by a few casual touches.

Big problem though: at Bruce Field, as incredible as it sounds, size S does not exist!

Benoît’s note: it is simply incomprehensible, I did not believe Onur when he told me, but I checked and it is strictly impossible to find the denim shirt on the Thereligionfaqs! To ignore the XS I want, but still, the brand would have everything to gain to offer S! In 2015, with the plethora of offer for man, it is a choice that I can not seem to grasp. Hopefully this will work out for the following seasons. This is all the more curious because Bruce Field offers costumes in size 46!

But rest assured, there are four different cuts, which will certainly find your shoulder shirt.Personally, I wear the shirt size M section “extra slim fit.”