Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Deserve your father to be celebrated on Father’s Day? Then it’s time to click home a nice gift!

You’ve signed up Sunday, November 13 in the calendar? Then it’s Father’s Day. Do not forget to celebrate Dad! You do that best by giving a nice gift – and a hug, of course. Dad deserves the best! This is no ordinary softies without pants in lightweight fleece with good ventilation for training, spontaneous days home suspension, Peak Performance, regular price 1095 crowns. A thick sweater with zip half way in a material that may be the most comfortable we’ve ever known of, Adidas, regular price 799 SEK. Stylish sneakers with Max Air cushioning for the father who likes to move fast, Nike, regular price 1195 crowns. Ski Interested father? Underwear T-shirt in 100 percent merino wool, and HERE you can find matching pants, Smartwool, regular price 699 SEK. Preppie Daddy would most probably love these slippers, Ralph Lauren, regular price 1149 crowns.