Bob Carpenter Shirt

We meet to talk about a topic already touched on BonneGueule: the  man’s shirt . But this time, we take the gamble that you will discover a new way to wear it.

Bob Carpenter in a nutshell

The story begins with Charlotte Ronsseray, who decided to create Bob Carpenter after a reflection on the world of business. For her, this universe is too conformist: the weight of the “specifications of clothing” bores him, because it limits the scope of possibilities in terms of style.

Quickly, this conception leads Charlotte to wonder . And after careful reflection, she comes to the following conclusion: all this does not correspond to her.

Charlotte is the type to take initiatives and act without constraint. This brings him to slam the door of the wage-earning to recover his health, and if possible, to foresee a more creative future. It is decided, it wants to give its vision of the style rather than to comply.

To do this, she decided to use the very symbol of this ambient conformity, the shirt, and decline it at leisure in a unisex collection, portable by both men and women.

Stylistically, it is with the corporate dress code that Bob Carpenter wants to play. It is found even in the name of the shirts: “trainee”, “copier”, “lift” or “after-work”.

And the side of contents, it is madness too! Charlotte loves to mix cotton, wool, mohair, and even cashmere. Enough to give a real youthful touch to a garment that has crossed the ages and irons.

Price aside, all shirts are offered at a special price of 115 euros, with a very creditable product quality.

The brand also offers a range of blazers, with a little humor and relaxation ( “drifts”, “Success”,”sofa”), like the shirts.

I really invite you to go for a ride on the Bob Carpenter site, if only to discover the names of the parts, and enjoy some eccentricity in poses that are sometimes a reflection of the item’s name.It is a daring bet that must be specified!

Bob Carpenter’s stylish and quirky shirts

As I said in an article on Hircus , I love the insets at the shoulders: they emphasize and put in the middle value.

Bob Carpenter proposes a range of 4 shirts with double inserts to the shoulders, it is therefore by these that I will begin.

Simple decorative element or true asset to the silhouette, color schemes and patterns are varied, and bring that touch of relaxation we would like to see more often in an outfit.

The buttoned collar of the shirt is made more marked. Echoing the inserts of the shoulders, one finds this military inspiration very light in the rigor of the room.

But do not worry, the brand does not stop there, you will also find shirts with “chest protectors”. Playing with colors and materials, each will find its interpretation between the name of the shirt and design that was loaned to him. Failing to find an explanation, I let you discover other models more marked by the imprint of the brand.

Part of this shirt is covered with a slat gray poplin breastplate, the buttons of the part covered by the breastplate are matched.-Shirt “Abuse of power”

These shirts are, of course, not reserved for formal use. Once the sleeves rolled up, they are great allies for many outfits through these twists  unexpected that could well make you revise your colors recalls.

The test of shirts Bob Carpenter

Far from the happy few extravagances sighted above the shirt I chose to wear is a model of the winter collection 2014. The first point scored by Bob Carpenter is to offer its old collections at a reduced price while supplies Stocks.

This is the shirt “Fusac” a classic blue shirt, fitted with a plastron effect “vest” slightly clearer.

Simple dress: a classic chino, a belt in a beautiful brown to raise the set, and a blue shirt. No risk taking on my side. Out of curiosity, and before going further, what shoes would you wear with this outfit?

Think about it while I talk to you more about this shirt proudly squashed.

The shirt features a number of details that make it versatile, and reflect the quality of the garment. Trimmed in a double twisted cotton that crumbles and wears less quickly, the touch is also softer, and easier to maintain. Tongues to roll up sleeves, doubled swallows and solid buttons complete this quality piece.

And yes! The shirt matched with a chino “savanna beige” (I sleep with one under my pillow Pantone) gives an outfit rather “bland” visually. It is a result that can be found if, like me, we prefer sober colors. Everyone will have noticed the gorgeous hem I give you (it’s really to show the haha socks).

It is necessary to restore a certain dynamism to this outfit, and all this is built from the feet. So I decided to do a sprain (haha) to my traditional sobriety using socks of canary yellow.

This beautiful yellow illuminates all. Without doing it on purpose, I even made a color reminder between the buttonhole and the socks. With yellow, you have to do it!

I finish the whole with a pair of discreet sneakers, which integrate the yellow without swearing.

My review of Bob Carpenter

The Bob Carpenter brand is doing with my homage. Managing to dust off the myth of business shirt with as much panache and audacity deserves to be highlighted in this article.

I appreciate the effort being made in research design, it is difficult to capture a single piece of wardrobe and the decline in collections every season. A beautiful effort on the side of the details of the shirt, the tabs provided to tie the sleeves are a rare detail and which to its charm.

Finally, Bob Carpenter arrives to get his message across, and travel easily identifiable through this very strong DNA. Certainly, the idea has already been observed elsewhere, but never declined so many times. Good luck Charlotte!