Brazilian Bikini Culture

It’s not news that the Brazilian beaches are among the most dreamed of the world, not only for the crystal clear water, but also for bathing beauties! Broke out everywhere the fashionable Brazilian bikini, which makes us dream those beaches.

Where does the Brazilian bikini

The Brazil, is known, has a climate that allows you to go to the beach all year round and its coasts are dotted with Palm trees and sandy coves of fine sand and candida, where you can lie in the Sun sipping coconut milk from a fresh coconut, or, for those who want to go more on the heavy tropical rains, juice laced with cachaça. Everything in Brazil evokes the spirits, the tropical rains, we call it passion fruit.

It is here, near the waves that rise by several metres, and on which the boys have fun surfing, girls sunbathing flaunting their Brazilian bikini. This sensual swimwear fashion and at the same time elegant and fine has spread like wildfire around the world, and everywhere evokes these landscapes and vibrant rhythms of Brazilian music paradise.

The Brazilian bikini is the ultimate to show the perfect curves that move to the beat of the batucada and samba. It is natural that in broad daylight in Brazil groups of boys are together on the beach to dancing samba and lambada to the rhythm of drums or percussion improvised, and it is clear that the shape of the Brazilian ladies swimwear brings out the most of movement of bodies dancing at great speed in the tangle of steps that is the wonder of Brazilian samba. It is no coincidence that commonly among Brazilians will tend to distinguish the “samba de preto” (samba of blacks) and the “samba de branco” (white samba), referring with the first name to samba that Brazilians of color lead in the blood and the second to samba that the white population tries in vain to imitate.

Brazilian culture and swimwear

But aside from a few jokes like these, it must be said that the melting pot in Brazil works very well. In Rio de Janeiro the skin colors are so various and features so different that no one makes distinctions. Even the Asian component of the population is now mixed very well to those African, indigenous and European origin. Rio de Janeiro which is named “cidade maravilhosa” (marvellous City) offers a unique combination in the eyes of visitors to metropolitan areas and areas of rainforest, not to mention the wide beaches of international fame such as Copacabana and Ipanema.We are confident that the beautiful girl from Ipanema that inspired the song walking on Ipanema beach wearing a bikini, it cannot be otherwise, because the singer emphasizes the “swing”, the swaying of the hips, which typically Brazilian bikini does nothing but stress. There is another reason that leads us to be certain that the Girl (girl) wearing this Brazilian bikini: from generations Brazilian women on the beach don’t wear more.

For women all over the Country, from the coast of Fortaleza to Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian bikini has always been the most practical and elegant at the same time to enjoy the Sun of their summer perennial. There is no doubt that they are just the Brazilian to make school around the world about what’s best to wear for sunbathing. It is clear that we may not be able to enjoy the landscapes that Brazilians are so proud, nor can we enjoy at the Beach the juicy tropical fruits that they tend to enjoy at the beach, but at least we can be chic as their Lord in swimwear, showing off the Brazilian bikini.