Burberry Is The First Firm to Launch a Campaign of Marketing with 3D Technology

The British brand Burberry has always been among the first to embrace the world of technology. Burberry is the first signature of luxury in a campaign of marketing with 3D technology and interactive with the user. A new “revolutionary” way of shopping.

The firm Burberry has joined DreamWorks Animation and NOVA to create first campaign marketing of luxury interactive using the new 3D technology. Using the NOVA display platform, Burberry has designed a new digital experience with computer-generated versions of its icon scarf and that users can customize and play with the curve display of Picadilly Circus in London.

The campaign will allow up to five users to explore the range of Burberry scarves from your mobile device and that will be shown on the giant screen. Then you can buy the scarf on Burberry.com or store near Regent Street. The experience started on December 14 and will run for 24 hours a day until December 31.