Burberry Prorsum in The Week of The Fashion of Milan Autumn/Winter 2008 / 2009

Christopher Bailey redo of the coats turn the star of the collection, as for this autumn/winter 2007 / 2008 and that for the collection pre-otoño. However, now the proportions changed, and instead of notching the shelter to the body with straps, wrap gains in volume and gets loose. According to wore parade, dresses and coats it were becoming increasingly more elaborate, with details of feathers, fur and suede, simulating the scales of a fish.

The coats combined with skirts and short dresses, stockings bushy and combined with high platforms. The pants are hooded and in bright fabrics, combined at the top with long tunics or jerseys.

The models cover your hair with huge wool hats & mittens as if Hobos were and look skewers wristbands to the more pure style punk. As a contrast to so much vulgar complement, Jewelry takes during the day and reaches monstrous proportions, How did in the parade of Vera Wang.

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