Buy Men’s Clothes: Tips to Make Smart Decisions

Already entered on a web site or store, saw what was going on promotion, and bought a lot of clothes because it was cheap? You need to learn how to have discipline! Some of these clothes you’re probably used once or twice and hid them in the bottom of the wardrobe never to see the light of day. Buying on impulse can even bring an immediate happiness, but also brings about repentance. To leverage their resources and be comfortable with their choices for a longer time, you need to know to buy clothes with intelligence.

Buy Men’s Clothes Tips to Make Smart Decisions

I promise to buy what you like, what you need and what you will have many chances to use, not complicated. Fortunately, I have access to some cool stuff. It may seem that I’m always spending a ton of money, but it is not always the case. I’m going to share some tips that I use whenever I buy a boot, jacket, accessory, or any piece of clothing. At the end of this text, you will be prepared to do the same (and who knows even win a exchanged).

Before you begin, a warning. If you are looking for a guide to build a formal wardrobe, know that this is not quite the goal here. What I mean by buying intelligently is to know how to invest your money in clothes to build your style.

Let’s go! Here are some steps of my buying process that are relevant for any situation!

  1. Understand what is basic and what is “investment”

I don’t spend a lot of money with the layers of the basics that I consider essential. I am happy with t-shirts plain, white, black, navy or grey Uniqlo, Hanes, or Hering. At most, I buy the 3Sixteen because the fabric is more resistant. They are more expensive, but they last for a much longer time.

Obvious that sometimes I buy a t-shirt in vintage or more interesting, but these usually have modeling or different prints unique. Are the details that separate them from basic and, in some cases, I know that would be able to sell for a good price if I wanted to.

Investments, are those clothes that you will use for a long time. Think of a classic shoe, or a suit serves as costume social for always. Also they are investments and their clothes cost more than you usually spend, but that you would be able to recover the value if in the future you decided to sell them. Sometimes, it can even make a profit.

Understand what type of clothes are worth spending your money on. Boots, shoes, jackets and coats are good investments that you will have for a long time and that make a huge difference in the look. T-shirts, and even shirts and social, are basic parts essential. Jeans can be the two. Typically, you do not spent that kind of money with them. Even buying raw denim, I try to stay on the marks of intermediate. And even then, they have cuts that I really like and are clothes that I will not need to reset them for many years.

Recently, for example, I sold some pants and jackets that had four years ago. I like to use sites like Enjoei , and especially the gringos, how to Depop. One of them I bought for $250 and sold for $180. Not bad after three years of use, don’t you think? If you want to see what I have for sale, you can access my shop on Enjoei or so the online store of the blog.

This leads me to the next tip…

  1. Buy vintage/used

Well, there is not much to explain.

If you look in auction sites, vintage shops, etc., you can find some clothes contemporary as well legal for a fraction of the price, and you’ll find old pieces that are almost unique!

  1. If you are buying expensive clothes is to try to choose the “memorable”

Well, buy what you want right? If you like, purchase and ready. But and if it were possible to have insurance against repentance?

This tip is tricky because it demands good eye for fashion and good understanding of the market. Buy clothes memorable is to try and understand the fashion scene and see potential profit in every purchase, or at least see if the product has a chance to retain part of its original value.

There are things that people buy to use the six months/a year until the fashion change. Even if you try to sell will not be able to recover the money, and that is the way that works the majority of fast fashion. It is one of the main reasons I avoid buying that type of store. It’s like play money in private. You spend your money to wear the product a year later. I can’t sell a jacket from Zara. The solution is to donate (great) or throw away (sad).

If you wait a bit, save, and buy an outfit well chosen, you will use more of the time. Will not tire of it so easily, and if you get tired, you can sell for what you paid. Depending on the brand and the clothing in question, it may even increase in value. I’m not saying that you should always buy thinking of selling. I always buy to enjoy the product, but you never know when your style will change or when you will find something better. If this happens, it is always good to be able to spend what you have to someone that will enjoy the most.

I know that most of the things that I have, in the next five or ten years, I can easily sell it and recover a good part of my money. Even something as simple as a boot Red Wing I can sell for 50% of what I paid, six years after you have purchased.

  1. Not found here? Looking out there

In the lack of options in Brazil, the solution is to buy them from outside.

Recommend to wait for the various seasons of great promotions that happen in the us and in Europe (Summer Sale, Spring Sale, Winter Sale, President’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.). Think about that 50% discount you already compensates for the tax if it is taxed.

The best deals are in the large department stores. These shops deal with greater pressure on the stock and need to rotate the goods. When traveling to large urban centers, look for Sample Sales. Throw in Google “Sample Sales + the Year” and you can find sales samples and stock from the factory at a bargain price.

Even with tax and without discount, you can still work out cheaper to buy online too. If you need help, you can send an e-mail to

  1. For one to enter, another has to leave

As well simple. Whenever I want a very expensive product, I give a look at my wardrobe to see if I can exchange for another thing. If you do not have anything to take, I want to say that I already have plenty to use. So I avoid to buy.

Before you buy, I try to sell something that I already have to open the space and add a little bit of money. I really try to put the least possible money on clothes. Typically, complete only part on top of the money that I sold. Open space for the new by selling the old one, and maybe even profit a little.

  1. Get to know your style

What is your style? Workwear? Vintage? The 70’s? Sportswear? Athleisure? Only uses black?

Formulate your own style takes time, and it can go through changes, but I’m always very mindful of this. I try to me to police, to understand if I’m buying the one that really fits my style, or if you got carried away with some kind of reference that I have seen or I want to because someone said that it is legal.

The ideal is that you can combine everything you buy with most of what you already have. Avoid buying anything that doesn’t match at least 3 pants/shoes/boots/shirts/etc that you already have. To do this, it is interesting to turn around some of the styles that you converse well with each other, or even start limiting the colors you use until you feel more prepared to increase the variety.

Use apps if you have difficulty, especially if you have a huge wardrobe. Has apps as the Snuppswhere you can create shelves with the things that you have. Strip photo of the wardrobe and leaves stored there as reference. Eliminates the risk of buying a thing very similar with what you have or buy something that has nothing to do.

  1. Focus on the product

The first thing I try to do when I want an outfit is to concentrate on the product, and not on the brand. If you saw a product on the internet or any other reference, pay attention to the details and understand why he likes what he saw.

After, I like to indulge in various shops to pick up and try. Compare the design and discount in the case of be very different from what I had in my head. Not enough to be of the same color, you know? After I compare the price, the details, the quality and the trim until you find the option that pleases me the most.

I seek to control my impulses. Sometimes, I see something cool and I want to buy but is only available outside of Brazil. Already I happened to look for an option like this in a Portuguese shop that, on account of some detail, it ends up not being exactly what I wanted. Usually goes to the bottom of the cabinet.

There are times that it is better to not buy than to buy the similar one that is not right.

  1. Value for money

You have found a product with the style you are looking for, but is in doubt because the manufacturing is very podreira? I’m talking about seams pies, material weak, finish, poorly done, etc. If this is the case, I don’t buy.

I don’t feel with comfortable with something very poorly done. I know that will not last, and I’d rather pay a little more for a product that lasts a reasonable amount of time, especially if it is a classic suit. It is better to buy once than to live looking for substitutes.

Now, if it is rotten but cheap and you will use send see.

  1. Match your requirement to the price

You can never charge the same delivery of two products at price ranges different. As the price rises, I’m getting more demanding with the quality and also with the details.

The method of construction and the materials are not the only things that are value a price. Many times, the fact that the design be unique already have tremendous value, even though the quality is average. This is the case with many designer clothes. It is necessary to understand what to value in men’s fashion (this link has a post cool about the different value propositions).

Remembering that, from a certain point the price becomes very difficult to justify in a practical way. A shoe of$ 10,000 is not going to last 10 times longer than a shoe of$ 1,000. There comes a time that the value becomes a matter of what you value in a purchase. Any characteristic that’s worth a lot to you.

  1. Pay attention to the trim above all!

Typically, when a product is poorly done it does not wears well. The quality of the fabric greatly affects the trim, and the wrong material is what you have in your hands not to dress as the pictures of inspiration that you saved. If you do not have to be just like, with the same pockets, same stitching, same color, and become an disgrace in your body.

If this is the case, I prefer to wait. Not good to buy, which has form but no function. If it is a trend, it will pass and I’m not going to die because of it. If it is something that is timeless, my patience tends to reward me. I buy when I travel or when “fashion” comes in here and appear better things.

Another way of thinking is that if you were willing to spend$ 200 on something that year, and haven’t spent anything, you can go piling up to spend more in the future, not only in the interest of the savings!

  1. Learn which gives to save

All is not lost if a product does not dress well. You should never drop first. If the product has manufacturing decent, but is only “bad” because not dressed well, a few adjustments may be enough to transform into exactly what you want.

If it is an outfit that I’m sure I’ll use quite a lot, I take a look at what adjustments you need to leave it the way I want to. I see if:

  • It is possible to change
  • If it’s worth to take to a tailor or would be very expensive

In general:

  • You can tighten the waist of the pants up to a certain point, and also adjust the width and the length of the leg. You can always tighten, but never extend.
  • Shirts are easy to adjust in length and also in width, by the side or the back. Stir in the shoulder is a little more complicated.
  • Jackets and jackets are calm of to adjust in width and also in the neck. It becomes more difficult to stir in length because of the pockets. The shoulder hardly worth the effort.
  1. Have a “friend” tailor (and take photos)

Very important! In fact, fundamental for those who likes to buy things used or vintage. It is an amazing way to save. If you have the morning of to ask, can turn the most basic into something super current.

A seamstress just for simple changes, but for complicated things, I recommend the tailor. From my experience, a seamstress is able to unite well all the parts, but the tailor or the/the scale modeler experienced has a better view of how these parts interact.

We are the architects, with the function to set the style and the form of the project. Therefore, at the time of requesting a change is a good one to take a photo of the trim that you want. Tailors and dressmakers are older and tend to be as well hard head. It is as well better show of trying to discuss, since each one has his preference.

  1. Know your measurements (and don’t be ashamed to ask)

Buying online is very risky in Brazil, but fortunately our law is super protective, and you have up to 7 days after delivery to return any thing.

It is very rare for the national sites listing information, measurements and full descriptions. Always send an e-mail to the store asking for this information. With measurements in hand, compare it with something from your closet.

The numbers do not need to be exact but you can get an idea of how you will dress. I like knowing that it is made to imagine how is the drape of the fabric. I know all my measurements, and with time I learned to understand how certain materials wear. Now, I can determine if the clothing in question has the proportions. cut and trim that I’m looking for.

These are all the tips I could think of. Not always it is possible to think of a way so rational, but I was able to assemble a wardrobe versatile and easy by applying these tips over the years. I feel super comfortable combining all that I have, minimizo the errors and I can open space for the new one whenever I make a discovery. I hope you enjoyed the list, and that she somehow will help you to better choose what you purchase.