Calvin Klein in The Week of The Fashion of New York Autumn/Winter 2008 / 2009

The King of minimalism strikes again. If you already on the collections of Calvin Klein they tend to be sober, colorful, and minimalist, which introduces us to the Autumn / Winter 2008 / 2009 It seems more like a Communist uniform of any of the republics of the former Soviet Union than a luxury clothing that women want to dress to feel beautiful.

OK, perhaps exaggerating a bit and there are some dress with strapless neckline that is sexy, but clothes that paraded are characterized by a muted colors, a pint of very little nice and comfortable and each fabric stiff fabrics He wrapped the female body with a in the form of A rigid structure. To add further austerity, the models paraded without just make-up and with some braces pigtails.

Even the details are so simple that they increase the rigor: shirt collars attached to the shirt, shoes no laces, no closure, no difference between instep and heel, and coats with hidden buttons. Pay attention to the shelters with cuts (tribute to) Yves Saint Laurent) and the last dress of the Gallery, which reminds me very suspiciously at any of David Dolphin (the copycats designers pursue becoming paranoia).

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