Castelli Idro Rain Jacket

Revolutionary protection!

The rain jacket Castelli Idro perfectly protects against rain, while being very light and compact once in the Pocket. Qualities that we were able to verify on the ground.

Never stingy with innovations, mensjacketsstore continues to develop men’s jackets with technical and practical products that are quickly forgotten cycling equipment ‘to the dad. In addition to the Cup and the comfort of its traditional products (shorts, shirts), the brand manages to create clothes or accessories that become us quickly needed once we tested. It is obviously the case of the famous Gabba jacket, available in long sleeves or short sleeves, or other accessories of protection. The new jacket Idro (or “sur-veste” more exactly) is no exception to the rule, even if the price of €269 can rightly put off some. A jacket whose purpose is to protect from wind and rain, by on a more conventional equipment, whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved. The range of temperature the Idro where comfortable is 6 to 20 ° C, but depends of course on what you wear underneath. Whatever it is, after a descent of col from an altitude of 2200 m, two short but violent summer storms and a release of 3 h in a thin and continuous rain, we can confirm that the water does not penetrate, and that one feels no sensation of cold on the arms and chest.

The Gore Tex

This protection is provided by a building in Gore Tex Shakedry, a material known for its impermeability, a little less for its breathability, despite what lets assume his sheet. Reminder of what is the Gore Tex, in theory: it is a micro-porous material whose pores are large enough to let out the steam created by perspiration (on the inside), and small enough to be impervious to the drops of water (on the outside). If it works for the outside, is to recognize that this is not always the case for the Interior, with clothes that are often very warm during the effort, and that cause a lot of discomfort, or even dehydration.

For the Idro, Castelli put on a Gore Tex very fine, very compact and very light, which makes it soft and very comfortable to wear, even in full effort. Practically as flexible as a simple windbreaker, the Idro fits easily in the pocket of the shirt.This is what surprises most at first: How can a flimsy garment also effectively protect against the cold wind and rain? With 118 g on the balance in size S, the Idro takes everywhere without taking up space, since it is almost in the Palm of the hand.

Once unfolded, we discover a very well-cut clothes, with relatively long sleeves (up in front of the wrists) and relatively narrow, to not fight the wind. The collar goes back to the middle of the neck, and although not really stretch, the material follow the edges, so as to avoid the water to enter through the top. It is the same with the end of the sleeves, preformed and tight, with waterproof seams.

Aft, of course, has some longer than at the level of the belly, in order to protect the bottom of the kidneys. The hem is silicone, and only the two sides of the bottom of the jacket are elastic. Tight seams everywhere and YKK zippers reinforced complete the set. There is of course the inevitable reflective strips on the back, as well as a single opening on the back, on the right side and bais, well in line with the natural movement of the arm and hand. This opening has three functions. The first allows to search in the back pocket of the shirt underneath, because even in the rain, it may be useful to refuel. The second allows to ventilate a little jacket, and to avoid feeling in an incubator. And the third allows air possibly infiltrated by the sleeves to evacuate, and avoid the jacket “swells” in full blast.

Almost Perfect

Protection is top, we said, be it at the top of a pass after having been wet from perspiration (to avoid getting cold on the descent), but also and especially in the rain. After a ride of three hours, nothing has leaked, and the Jersey remained completely dry underneath. Without headlines so that the temperature is around 13 / 14 °, the Idro just to provide a protection against the freshness. Easily fits or folding, the Idro weighs nothing and is totally forgotten in the back pocket during use dry. Its only flaw is related to its cut architectured, that we also love: it is complicated to put on rolling, and especially to remove. Sleeves turn systematically, which becomes problematic in the case of several showers along the way, or chaining several descents of col. Better for a cyclist inexperienced stop every time to put on the jacket or withdraw. Its price is also very high, but the neutral color and its use should allow to keep for many years.