DIY Maternity Bag

When it comes time to go to the hospital for the birth, the baby bag must be well prepared. Here’s how to make a do it yourself with just a few simple steps and materials. The models are many: the backpack with the tourniquet to a template type folder. Here are the instructions.


  • a square of cloth 100 x 100
  • a square of sponge 100 x 100 (you can also use old towels)
  • Top 40 40 cm long and colored fabric for the handles
  • needle and thread
  • grosgrain Ribbon
  • padding

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How to Choose Maternity Bra

One thing is insinuating a tiptoe, expose a strap or play with transparencies, but go directly in maternity bra is still an ordinariness as much as the famous try to put fashion. There are that they do better than others, but the end result is always more or less tacky that you should not put you never learn!

A pretty bra for pregnant women with lace insinuante hovering on the edge of a neckline can be the most sensual thing in the world. But a future mother who directly goes on bra gives an aggressive and somewhat ordinary image at It must know how to play with the subtleties and clearly there are who have no idea.

Almost the worst thing is that over even bra made to teach everyone is nice. We wonder if some famous they will have friends or people around who dares to tell them that they will made a mess…

If you want to know what you should not put you never to go out don’t miss the gallery below.


Helly Hansen Womens Lyness Coat

Classic raincoat for women from Helly Hansen.

Lyness Coat is a modern and feminine version of the classic fishing-rain jacket. The Outer fabric is waterproof, windproof and breathable with Helly Tech Protection. In order to provide additional warranty for water resistance is all the seams on the inside sealed.

Inside has Lyness Coat is Quick Dry Waistband, which ensures that the jacket does not get wet and nasty on the inside of the optionally condensation water. For additional comfort, there is ventilation in the back.

Helly Hansen Lyness Coat combines a retro look, with the latest technologies, and keeps you dry on a rainy day.

On Bestaah, we delivery you winter raincoat for maternity, keep you thermal and stylish.

Helly Hansen Womens Lyness Coat Helly Hansen Womens Lyness Coat

Maternity Cotton Pants

It is time for the renewal of your wardrobe. Take a look at various pants for pregnacy, where you can find lots of cool styles and color variations. We will help you well on your way to purchase pants, whether you are looking for clothes to impress the in-laws or would like to view presentable out for a job interview. Here you can be dressed smartly for both summer and winter season. For a hot summer day you can, for example, combine a couple of shorts with a short-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of flip flops. For the cold wintertime, you will look good in a pair of long pants with winter boots and a sweater. And for the autumn, you can wear a pair of chinos along with a long-sleeved blouse and a pair of sneakers.

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