Fjallraven Keb Cap Jacket for Men

Easy fiber jacket for men from Fjällräven.

KEB Loft Jacket is lined with G-Loft Supreme, who is one of the best fiber insulations on the market. Fiber material is designed for specifically for Fjällräven and is a mixture of hollow fibers and completely thin fibers. Fiber liner will not be flat and loses shape after washing or hard use and therefore it is much easier to deal with dun. Although the fibers should be flat, they will pop back to their original shape after washing, and again heat as when the jacket was brand new.

The Outer fabric is tear-proof and impregnated with fluorocarbon free impregnation to make it waterproof. For extra abrasion resistance, there are reinforcements in G-1000 Lite.

Inside are two large storage pockets Keb Loft Jacket.

Fjällrävens Keb Loft Jacket works both well as mid layer under a shell jacket, or as the outer jacket on a cool summer evening.

The jackets are casual to wear for men, also on Hoticle, you can find jackets for plus size.

Fjallraven Keb Cap Jacket for Men

Fjallraven Keb Cap Jacket for Men

Vintage Nuuk Parka Women

Smart and practical winter parka for women from Fjällräven.

Nuuk Parka is waterproof Hydrated membrane with Fjällrävens own, there has a hydrostatic head of 10000. The membrane also makes parka windproof and breathable.

The Park is lined with the synthetic Supreme Micro ceiling lining. The lining consists of a lot of small, Silicone treated fibers with air in between. It is the stagnant air in between the fibers that give the good heat. It is therefore also not tremendously heavy lined. In order to keep the heat inside the Nuuk Parka is there elastic cord at the waist and at the bottom of parkaen. At the wrists, there is Velcro stopper, which provides that the sleeves are closed well to.

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Plus Size Fashion Tips: Smart Clothes In Large Sizes For Short People

If you are a plus size at 163 cm or shorter then you need to look for map plus size clothing, and work strategically with prints, shapes and other details – helps you look taller.

Here are 3 tips on how to look thinner with clothing and accessories:

  1. Wear heels. If you don’t absolutely love high heels, so 2-5 cm enough to slim your legs and body measurements.
  2. Go for knee-length (or shorter) skirts and shorts. If you have muscular legs, so avoid clothing that stretches right at the fattest part of your legs. It keeps the focus on this area, and can be visually make you look more callous out!
  3. Show more skin. Deep necklines and short (knee-length or shorter) skirts and dresses will instant slim your entire figure. It might be a little too risqué for the conservative taste, but as long as you keep the other hand modestly dressed are you sure!

For example, you can wear a smart shirt with deep neckline and go for a slightly more conservative pair of pants or skirt.