Trends Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011: Style 60s

Front of the sober, functional and almost masculine elegance of the 1970s, this season autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 It also imposes the trend years 60, a stylish lady, which marks curves, and highlights our femininity with corsets, flying below the knee skirts, shoes medium heel, pencil skirts and retro bags.

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Trends Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011: 70s

Within the Potpourri of trends inspiring of the looks of the season, include the 70’s, because it allows us to opt for looks more elegant, suitable for the working in an office, How to choose more casual looks, drinking in the hippie esthetic of the Decade. Mango He has found in the seventies his fetish decade and both the parade and the catalogue we have seen many looks that are inspired by this style.

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Dresses Years 50’s, a Very Feminine Trend That Carry The Famous

The dresses with circular skirts, somewhat ampones in the hips, with long flight and more if they are flowers, they make us feel the most infinitely flirty, feminine, and beautiful world. They are a trend that reminds me directly to the outfits of Olivia Newton-John in Grease, as well as all her friends that combined them with the same color shoes and thin jerseys of point. Even with Mad Men, the vintage trend is very strong.

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Why Posing Cara and Pharrell as the Imperial Couple?

Model Cara Delevingne (22) and musician of Pharrell Williams (41) could sit as Austrian empress Elisabeth and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph in scene. Karl Lagerfeld and a new fashion film for Chanel are to blame.

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5 Tips on How You Styled Vintage Fashion

The Italian Elisa Nalin is exquisitely, street style icon, stylist and knows the criteria for a perfect look. In an interview with Our site, she reveals lovers of vintage clothing and accessories as those styling them properly and reading type.

Elisa Nalin has studied design in Milan and now lives in the fashion capital Paris, where she works as a stylist and blogging. Last year, it was there and on other international fashion events are celebrated for their special outfits and photographed by numerous street style photographer. Continue reading 5 Tips on How You Styled Vintage Fashion

Wool Hats For Winter

One of the trends of the most successful ‘Fall / Winter 2015-2016 concernswool hats, warm accessories, but this year especially comfortable fashion, proposed by all the fashion designers in refined versions and female, as well as in the more aggressive and character. To launch the must-have for the season are as always celebrities immortalized in their cities with chic casual look complemented by wool hair for all tastes. Continue reading Wool Hats For Winter

How to Make a Vintage Scarf

Which irons choose? And it is best to use a smoothly or fantasy? You would like to begin to knit but do not know where to start? In this article we have all the answers for joining the “knitting club”… Just as the most famous stars!
The sound of your grandmother who was knitting in the background she was one from throughout childhood and is a sweet memory, and every time you see a beautiful scarf knit with attached a really exaggerated price, your first thought is “this could make it anch I less than half the price if you only knew to use the knife”: start knitting could be your new project!

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Tips for Buying a Women’s Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is an item that can not miss in the wardrobe of a woman, especially in winter. It protects very well from the coldness and still has a design that helps you compose looks from bold to the basic.   This all should be through combinations with pants, dresses and skirts. If you choose to wear the leather jacket in your daily life, a very cool tip is to use the jacket with jeans and wear neutral color compositions.

Because it is made of leather, finally the retro jackets will not enlarge its part of the market where there are women who are against the use of leather because of ecological issues in relation to the use of animal fur in clothing. Therefore, the synthetic leather appears as this option  was made to meet this type of consumers. Continue reading Tips for Buying a Women’s Leather Jacket

Tips on Vintage Sweatshirts for Men

If there is any clothing fresh that guys can never get enough of, it must be the sweatshirts for men. There are a great many different shirt designs on the market, but just barely sweatshirts are super cool, versatile and can be worn all year round. In the cold seasons they function as an extra insulating layer under jackets and coats, while the spring and summer can be worn alone or with a T-shirt underneath. The long sleeved sweatshirts protect your arms in a comfortable way, while they can also be rolled up for a fresh look. The collections of sweatshirts for men are super cool with jeans, shorts, chinos, and training pants or even under a sporty blazer. Virtually offer sweatshirts as they go like hot cakes, since the jerseys are essential in any wardrobe.

Vintage Sweatshirts for Men

Vintage Sweatshirts – spice up your look!

A sweatshirt can contribute to some different looks depending on the brand and design. A simple sweatshirt in stylish and elegant design can be matched with a pair of formal trousers and shoes, while the more youthful type with lots of prints and colors are super cool to create a skater look. A great many artists, musicians and other creative men are wild with sweatshirts on a daily basis, which can be paired with so many types of trousers. With the collections of sweatshirts for men you just need to add a pair of sneakers to create a street style. Most sweatshirts are manufactured in soft cotton that feels comfortable on both arms and body, so you can look forward to getting your retro sweatshirts in the wardrobe.