Charlotte Casiraghi for Vogue Paris

If in January 2009, Carine Roitfeld had already Rédor Crest St phanie Monaco fashion in him offering the cover of Vogue Paris, it’s now the turn of Emmanuelle Alt to flirt with the t your successful are my gasques by loading the wise and sensual Charlotte Casiraghi to d paste the French of Cond Nast publishing sales…

Between weddings f devices of prince William and Kate Middleton, those of Charl not Wittstock and Albert of Monaco and the multiple scoops about the stylistic choices post s interested, never press wedding was as much e saturated in photo princely reports that these last months.

After the reign of the “it” girl Alexa Chung (more discrete you as her sisters joyfully trash), here comes the time of young women who have completed the dream of a little girl pousant girl charming a prince – or not.

It is true that routes the Grace Kelly, Clotilde Courau and other Letizia Ortiz seem today much more likely to fantasize about teenage girls than any jam e by Mrs. Hince-Moss group. A turnaround that the cosmos fashion to record.

This, Vogue is both not Gala, out of the question to appear on the cover of the famous issue of September a Duchess of Cambridge up-to-date, but sorely missing from this lightweight rock twist to the g series Voguiennes. Emmanuelle Alt then had the idea to get around the problem me by throwing his d evolved on a beautiful blue blood certainly slightly less m camped, but charm as that maddening electrifying: Charlotte Casiraghi.

Who better than the trendsetteuse and daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco for subtly embody the spirit of the times indeed? Between intemporalit, glamorous hookups, multi-faceted beauty, l h r enthusiasm gance, pout irr irresistible, hype and existence dor e dressing, this e d s wire Chanel accustomed and friend of Margarita Missoni embodies the myth of the modern Princess perfection.

One mol b initiative Altienne rather well inspired e: make-up arbor by the flank to Alex Dellal on the cover of the glossy, recalling strange of the interpretation you “Like a hurricane”…