Cheap Fashion Leggings

There are big injustices on this earth… today ‘ today I put one in the spotlight here: fashion for boys!

MOM of 2 boys, I am a victim number One! Ok, brands are more and more efforts to accommodate us and I can still find a lot of nice things for the brothers, but frankly the difference is cruel. And it is especially for the leggings!

What a pain to find leggings for boys! For example, at Kiabi: could not find 1 one legging for boy (at least in the store of the bvd Voltaire in Paris) while there is plenty for the girls. Why do girls have the exclusivity of the comfort of a legging?

I did not a single pair of pants or jeans with Tom since his birth. I tried last week with small gray jeans that had belonged to his brother, but it should be noted that it is not in the favor of his silhouette. Tom  is doing well and the clothes close to the body fit much better. And then, even if we find some pants slim everywhere now, in my humble opinion a minimum of leg length before rendering is nice, which is not yet the case when you have 11 months.

In the meantime so I find his leggings in rays girls most of the time. Navy Blue, gray, black you can find at Hema or H & M for not really thing (approx. €5/8). BUT they are always together… For the reasons, it is Zara to darken, inexpensive also (approx. € 9/11), floral leggings are always very cheap BUT there is never a lot of models in

During my last this weekend shopping spree, I found at H & M way jean leggings, it’s called a tregging (contractraction of trendy and leggings maybe…). I found it in the girls section and I’m so proud of my find for less than € 8. Comfort and style!

If your budget is extensible, I discovered there are few Happy Léonie e-shop, print leggings are mixed and absolutely CA-NONS (count €26)