Cheryl Cole Style

The other day was the news that the singer of Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, She had been elected the best dressed by the readers of the British Glamour. Although it is very famous in the United Kingdom, in other countries is a real unknown. Today we make a review to the Cheryl Cole style so we go knowing it a little more, because surely we will continue hearing of her.

His group’s music came out, as the Spice Girls, in a televised competition, in this case, Popstars. A group of cute girls that sing and dance, easy-to-sing along songs and moves, and much promotion. That is the secret of its success. Currently, Cheryl also acts as jury of the competition X factor.

His professional career has many similarities with the of Victoria Beckham, because Yes, she is also married to a footballer, in this case, the defence of Arsenal Ashley Cole.

His style is more sexy that of Victoria (her great guy allowed it), and it is usual to see her with tight dresses of Herve Leger It looks better than anyone.

Unlike Victoria, not so dangerous with the new trends, and the most that is allowed is to dare with the wide leg pants 70’s style.

Or with leggings of leather.

The dresses they are your Favorites, both in animal print,

As in the classic black.

With jeans and a leather jacket It shows that it is easier sometimes what is best.

This styling I stay with fantastic red booties.

In short, of Cheryl Cole not hope outfits last trend, my impossible mixes that incredibly work, since she does not carry the fashion in the blood, as our women with style, but is always pretty and favoured, and is a style that many will be identified. Finally and ultimately Jezebel to bring fashion and trends in all types of women.