Chloe in The Week of The Fashion of Paris Spring-Summer 2009

Disappointment. This is how I feel after seeing the Chloe collection Spring-Summer 2009. By my user name you already know that I am a big fan of the firm, and had a great expectation of seeing the first parade of Hannah MacGibbon (that worked hand in hand with) Phoebe Philo When was Chloe a fabulous collections).

But this was not what I expected, I don’t know that you will feel in this regard. That is one feminine and romantic collection (House brand) and the color palette is divine: lima, beige, cream, green and peach (exactly the colors that are used in the packaging of your clothes),

but fabrics seem too crude, volumes on arms and cutting on pants are not very flattering (poor models appear in diapers), the length of dresses is left in no man’s land (exactly by the knee), and the wavy cuts jackets and the shorts are me too cheesy.

In the absence of seeing the collection of bags (Gateway only have appeared in 2 or 3 models), it tends to be one of the strengths of the brand, we are left with the Sandals, made with little fabric, using tape holding the fingers and ankle, in bold as the Green and yellow colours, with a delicate closure in a loop and that for the first time in the next spring-summer catwalk they do not wear platform.