Choosing a Men’s Dress Shirt

The masculine chic is based on simplicity. A garment or an accessory will be able to marry to different styles, if it is chosen at the beginning. And among the best multi-styles, you can obviously find a basic: shirt.

Whether for an evening, a meeting or a barbecue at home, if it is well chosen, the shirt can be worn on any occasion.

How to Choose Your Men’s Shirt Size?

Why crack a white shirt, when you have the opportunity to buy in the mathgeneral? By ease regarding size? This is probably because you lack points of reference to make sure the size of the shirt suits you or not.

For a shirt to go, it must first be properly trimmed and adapted to your body.Here are some clues to choose from.

  • Shoulders: the seam of the shirt should fall on the acromion. But if you know, this little bump that connects your clavicle to your shoulder blade.This detail is very important, it ensures that your shirt is your size. A technique also valid for most clothes.
  • The collar: also makes all the difference. And here again, nothing more simple: make sure you can button it without choking you. You need to be able to slip one or two fingers between your neck and neck to ensure your comfort. There are several trends collar shirts  to adopt according to your body and your taste.
  • The torso again your comfort comes first. Your shirt should not over tighten, but should not float either. The trick is to make sure you can put a fist between your chest and your shirt. This technique is valid for your height, passing a fist between the shirt and the navel.
  • Sleeves: start by checking your shirt in the armpits: You must have opportunity there to pinch the fabric of your shirt at about 1.5cm. Also on the length of the sleeve, also paying attention to what happens between the beginning of the thumb and the wrist. The shirt sleeve must also be wide enough if you wear a watch.

And to confuse and go faster in your selection, always keep in mind the picture of shirts sizes for men. Here is how to retain the shirt sizes and their correspondence:

At each morphology his shirt

Because the choice of a shirt must also be made according to the morphology and the style of each one. Indeed, we often try to find out which shirt goes with a suit, or what tie goes with such a shirt … And yet, the first question to ask is: What shirt is going to me?

To answer this question, you have to know yourself well, in order to choose well.

The various sections of shirts

The fashion of shirts for men evolves every season. However, the cuts remain the same, whether it is luxury shirts or shirts for the general public.

Focus on models of shirts for man, associated with the morphologies of gentlemen.

  • The classic cut is a slightly wider shirt cut down. We opt for this cut if we have a few pounds to hide, but always pay attention to the shirt in the pants (under pain of a neglected look).
  • The straight cut has straight sides in parallel. This cut is the most comfortable, and offers a look for any occasion. It is ideal with jeans but also under a suit, tucked into the pants. And it is perfectly suited for muscular morphology.
  • The slim fit adjusts perfectly to the shape of your body. We forget this cup if we ate the old woman too much, but we go if we have a thin and athletic body. For a trendy look we wear it with colored pants in pastel shades.

Other cuts are more and more necessary, and are in fact derivatives of the main cuts. For example: cut slim fit, most supported the slim fit, slim or extra: slinky, symbol of the shirt fashion.

For or against the shirt?

The shirt for men with short sleeves is called: shirt. And to know if one tries the look or not, one retains a simple word: no!

Indeed, one tries the shirt only if one is sure of its look and style, if not, one avoids.

What to do: Buy a shirt Hugo Boss or Eden Park, in short, a recognized brand.Their quality fabrics will give it a classy look, and you will not make any lack of taste regarding colors. Wear it in full summer, on a jean’s for example. Choose it rather fancy (without too much force, and in neutral tones). Wear it in a casual, relaxing context, for example on weekends.

Avoid: The baggy choose and wear it as a shirt, suit. NO ! It’s simple, avoid carrying it to work.

At the top: To have style shirt, even when it’s hot, recycle your long-sleeved shirts. You will avoid the debate around the shirt. Take a shirt, and fold up the sleeves to give it a cool but distinguished side, ideal when it’s hot.

The different wrist types

There are 3 main types of men’s shirt cuffs.

  • Classic wrist is the most common. It can be round or square and closes with one or two button sewn on the shirt.
  • The Neapolitan wrist also called Mixed or Portofino, it also closes with a button sewn. Unlike the classic wrist, the fabric of the shirt continues beyond the button and folds elegantly over it.
  • The musketeer wrist: To be at the top of elegance, opt for French cuffs. Here is the reverse that folds over the wrist and closes thanks to a cufflink (not a button).

What shirt material to choose?

Yes, because if there are different cuts and a multitude of shirt colors, there are also many different materials.

  • Silk: of course, nice material and adapted in summer and winter. However pay attention to traces of perspiration.
  • Flax: a soft, lightweight fabric, perfectly suited for summer. Attention however, this material crumbles very quickly.
  • Cotton: It’s the safe bet. The cotton crumbles little, is pleasant avoids the tasks of transiation and is washed very easily.

There are still different types of cotton shirt weaving:

  • The Poplin, namely the most used. The threads of this weave form a checkerboard and offer a certain quality. We wear great occasions for ceremonies and to go to work.
  • The Wire to wire is a weave that approximates Poplin but differs by the use of two different colors son. This offers a luminous fabric, with lively colors.We reserve it more generally for the weekend or the festive occasions.
  • The Twill form on the shirt diagonal rather visible on the surface. A comfortable and elegant fabric.
  • Chevron, near the Twill, is a fabric with a zigzag effect on the surface. It is the easiest fabric to iron, soft, silky but also very pleasant.