Clutches Are More Fashionable Accessories

Many women own at least one of these delightful little clutches, which are so elegantly in the hand at the party evening and in which you can still obendrein the most important utensils.Even though the Clutches are not brand-new since today, they are just one of the accessories that have the greatest potential for 2013 in this year.On barely a catwalk they are missing and to most of the party outfits a clutch is a trendy accessory.But why are the small, classic, handcuffed bags now more hip than ever?And what are the trends at this year’s Clutches?I’ve got it.

Clutches are very handy

Perhaps you have already read it at the beginning of March in my post about the Taschentrends 2013: Handyness is simply the name of this year.”Crab and Go” is the motto.Just take your bag and go.What was once considered impractical has now become a real trend.And this is mainly due to the fact that the Clutches 2013 are really good in their hands.Reason for this is that many clutches were designed as slip-in-bags.By means of a narrow (leather) strap or sometimes tight-fitting little handles, women can comfortably push their hand through.The clutch in the slip-in design is superbly in the hand of her companion and looks very elegant to the outfit.The often classic elegance of the exterior of the clutches in the interior of the bags again results in a clear view and thus creates a special charm.

Clutches Are More Fashionable Accessories

This is the trend for the clutches

Although you can just read that the Clutches are rather classic and handy cut, but it does not mean that they are predominantly black or monotonous – quite the contrary!In terms of color design, the Clutches have many trends this year!Straight varnish colors and bright neon colors are hard at the Clutches, especially in spring and summer.It does not matter, whether varnished pop yellow, sweet red or azure blue – all colors are allowed.Likewise, among the trendy accessories are some popular animal patterns.Other trends that the clutches have reached are the trendy, shimmering metallic look as well as attached rivets or sequins.As you can see, the Clutches are far from boring in 2013 and have something to offer for every taste.Especially the striking, bright paint colors or different patterns make it possible to wear these trendy accessories cool in the everyday life (assumes woman gets everything under it).The more elegant versions with sequins or clutches in the metallic look, on the other hand, can be worn as an accompaniment to the cocktail dress.

The only small drawback in my eyes: you do not get very much into a clutch.However, one needs to go to the evening out so not so many things in the tow.