Collapse of the Pound

This is the price of the pound against the euro.

It used to be 1.5 € for 1 £, and the price has almost fallen to 1 € = 1 £ lately.

This is an opportunity to raid England, and for those who do not have the chance to go for a walk in London to rob Savile Row, there is the Internet, and Topman.

Let’s see a few pieces at Topman , equivalent H & M / Zara English found here to recall…

Dress Style

Tuxedo jacket, £ 65 to possibly partner with a more casual outfit to break his seriousness.
V Neck Sweater Wool Merino Anthracite £ 35 We never quite small basic V-neck sweaters in wool, anthracite ultra easy to match without being boring as black.

White shirt with small black dots £ 30 From white shirt with polka dots, a classic with a twist borrowed from Givenchy.

Black shirt with white peas £ 30 , alter-ego a more formal hair of the previous.

Casual style

Military Blazer, £ 69 , bent and friendly with large buttons for mid season approaching.

Hoody sweater double breasted military style £ 65 , original (large engraved buttons …) but pricey.

Naval navy sweater way £ 20 , style Armor Lux / Saint James / return Marine School …

Mickey sweater vintage way £ 25 , cheaper than Kiliwatch, round neck and gray mottled good 90’s.