Costumes for All

Today in Jezebel We have a good purpose, the leave in a good place fashionista among the young girls suit jacket and pants. Often, this piece is forgotten by new generations that is often erroneously associated with older people and boring professions … but Why not do the suit a younger turn? How to do it?

The suit is of itself a sexy and elegant garment for women, so we only need add the most casual touch and so we’re going to look at celebrities with a style as cool as Olivia Palermo. It aims.

To start you should know that a costume 24 hours is a basic, so you can use any time of the day. But not all are advantages, this off-road piece has an elegance that is important so it is ideal for events such as evening cocktails, working hours o job interviews but not to go walking to the Park in your city.
Here we see as Alexa Chung Select a costume for the night and gives you a touch more indie and naif with black ribbon to the neck.

We continue with the suit for night-time situations. A way to much more classic Black is the actress carries Angelina Jolie. Too sober for my taste.

We went to the celebritie who wears their suits with more grace, Olivia Palermo. In this photo with gray suit for the night combined with high-heeled sandals in yellow color. It risks and gains.

We continue with Olivia and her art when combining everything that gets you ahead, in this case, suits. In this image, the celebritie with a black suit combined in a chic way: bodice with lacing, Tuxedo Jacket, pants skinny jeans, heels in black, bag Birkin of Hermes and wonderful glasses.

Finally, my favourite look of Olivia Palermo with suit: ideal for a day in the city with Wayfarer, male bare pants and white shoes. Divine.