Custom Shirts Online

In the world of custom shirts on the Internet, Saint Sens is one of the very first French actors. He has a long experience on the subject. Their offer is still relatively upscale, since despite a white shirt 49 € (a pretty unbeatable loss leader I must say), most custom shirts are more than 100 € (usually around 120 € ). This is partly due to the choice of fabrics from large houses (Albini, Thomas Mason). There is even double cotton 220 cotton (very soft cotton, with an extremely silky finish)!

So, for that price, what is beautiful?

The usual test protocol

My first reflex is of course to touch the matter. And surprise, it is incredibly soft and light. The Blue Zephyr (a very light fabric in cotton voile) keeps all its promises and it is a real pleasure to have it on my skin.

I then touch the pass. Heat sealing seems normal, even if I do not find it thick. The neck obviously has removable whales. Precisely speaking of the pass, I notice with pleasure that the stitching points are dense and regular, it is at least 7 points centimeter! And it’s going to be like that on the whole shirt. A very good point.

Another surprise, there are French seams on the sleeves. This type of finish, unlike a “double needle” finish on most shirts that are ready-to-wear, has only one visible thread. It is a finer and refined montage, which speaks a lot to purists. Even at this point, I am delighted to see that there are great efforts made on the quality of finishes.

The famous English seam, where you see that there is only one visible thread.

Nothing to say also on the armpits, perfectly aligned.

I continue by inspecting the buttons. Good point: they are mother of pearl, a detail that I really appreciate. Bad point: it is not the best quality of mother-of-pearl, because one distinguishes brown spots on the outside, sign that the button was taken on the least noble parts of the shell.But honestly, there I quibble!

Especially since the buttons are sewn up, a detail that speaks again on manufacturing quality.It is a finish unfortunately too rare in classic PAP, but which makes it possible to make the fixation of the button more solid than a classic montage. And there’s even a last horizontal buttonhole!

I then finish by looking inside the wrists. Everything is neat and clean. Overall, the quality is really to go for this shirt, I do not expect these finishes for that price. It really is a very good surprise. Apart from the quality of mother-of-pearl (but that is always better than plastic buttons!) And the heat-sealing of the collar a fine hair, everything is perfect. It would have to be very bad faith to say the opposite.

And the cup?

I am an avid supporter of taking action on a shirt that suits you very well. That’s what I did, and here too, everything was respected to the letter. The shirt fits me perfectly : shoulders hair but not tight, comfortable bust, no complaints. Visibly, Saint Sens has mastered his patronage very well.

Note: should the first shirt you do not, St Sens agrees to resume and edit (or remake) for free. Rather cool?

Do you recommend?

Seriously, yes. Especially for the complicated morphologies, the white shirt with 49 €, the very qualitative finishes, etc. If you hesitate between Saint Sens and Surmon31 ( brand which I was also very satisfied ), know that these are not really two competing brands, because they are two distinct price ranges. It really depends on your budget and your need of the moment.