Dare to Refuse the Fall!

Although autumn is here soon with gray mornings, sleet and rain, so we are confident that motivation can be kept warm with bright colors. We have therefore developed six colorful tights and six equally peppery spirit sneakers for those who refuse to let the autumn steal your motivation.

It can hardly be denied that color affects our emotions. Who has not woken up early one gray morning and replaced the discipline of the lazy-fasonen to abuse the snooze button? No clothes in the world will get you to rush out of bed, but we think at least you will smile when you see yourself in helkroppspegeln, ready for the morning session with these delicious garments.

Occasionally colorful in tropical and burgundy

Tights with lovely tropical pattern Blacc, regular price 249 SEK.

Running shoes with a stylish combination of red and orange, Nike, regular price 1295 crowns.

Blickvändare the hottest color combination

Graphically patterned tights prettiest pink, Craft, regular price 599 SEK.

Beautiful light blue running shoes with lime green accents, Nike, regular price 1195 crowns.

Playful brilliant in batik and yellow

Batik-inspired tights with gray detail on the calf, Rönnish, regular price 599 SEK.

Lightweight Running in bright yellow, Nike, ordinaire price 1095 crowns.

Sophisticated tones of green, yellow and purple

Tinted tights in green and yellow, Nike, regular price 649 SEK.

It feels like running on the cloud of these running shoes, Adidas, regular price 1795 crowns.

Colorful harmony in turquoise and orange:

Who will not be pleased by this color combo? Craft, regular price 599 SEK.

Curious about the story behind “knitted shoes”? Read our article HERE! These running shoes are a fine example of a knitted running shoe, Nike, regular price 1295 crowns.

Supersportigt in Olympic colors:

Tights samba colors reminiscent of the Olympic Games in Rio, Adidas, regular price 449 SEK.

Cerise running shoe that raise lift any outfit, Puma, regular price 1195 crowns.