DIY Maternity Bag

When it comes time to go to the hospital for the birth, the baby bag must be well prepared. Here’s how to make a do it yourself with just a few simple steps and materials. The models are many: the backpack with the tourniquet to a template type folder. Here are the instructions.

DIY Maternity Bag


  • a square of cloth 100 x 100
  • a square of sponge 100 x 100 (you can also use old towels)
  • Top 40 40 cm long and colored fabric for the handles
  • needle and thread
  • grosgrain Ribbon
  • padding


  1. With the colored fabric to create the two handles that are about 6 cm thick
  2. Finish the handles strengthening them with Ribbon
  3. With the cloth and sponge combine, making sure to insert the handles in the seam
  4. Turn the bag and sew the padding from the outside
  5. Fold back the opening of the stock market for an edge of about 5 cm where will be placed the snaps for closure
  6. Sew everything so close and not to see the padding


Because time is crucial and Dad something else to do that incessant back and forth, here is a list of everything that you can put in the pregnancy luggage for the baby’s arrival.

Maternity Bag: 10 Things To Remember

1. Your papers

Maternity suitcase must include:

  • your ID card;
  • family book;
  • recognition of paternity (if necessary);
  • the cards Social Security (Vitale) and mutual;
  • your important medical documents (analysis, blood type…).

2. Clothes

For you, consider taking the wide and comfortable. Do not forget to pack twenty disposable panties.
For your baby: do not forget the pajamas and bodysuits. Learn as some maternity hospitals provide.

3. Layers

If your pregnancy does not provide, it must be integrated to your maternity bag because your baby will soon need it!

4. Baby toilet bag

Check with maternity products supplied.
You can still provide:

  • saline pods;
  • a disinfectant;
  • an antiseptic to the cord.

5. A toilet necessary for you

In your suitcase for motherhood, it is important to have:

  • your moisturizers;
  • deodorant;
  • a stretch mark cream
  • a little makeup to erase fatigue.

6. A fogger

It takes up little space in your suitcase maternity and can improve your comfort during childbirth.

7. Breast pads

If you are breastfeeding, choose disposable for you. You’ll have time to use washable when you get home.

8. From reading your maternity suitcase…

Even if you are busy receiving your surroundings and hatching your child, the time is long and the necessary rest. Add to the list of your maternity suitcase magazines or entertaining novels.

9. A hairdryer

The hair dryer is particularly useful if you need to undergo an episiotomy. It allows you to heal faster.

10. A camera

You will be glad to photograph your point of view the first hours of your child.