Do We Get Used to The Tendency of The Shoulder?

The threat hangs over us for some time: the shoulder straps are. But this salvage look of the 80’s makes us look like women football players still has not permeated the street.

Zara It has a wide variety of t-shirts and jackets with big shoulder pads, but outside the circles more fashionistas, there are many people with sunsets.

The silhouette of triangle inverted that is created with the shoulder pads (broad shoulders and narrow waist) against the female form and that the brand more tendencies to impose in recent times)Balmain), it tops up his shoulder pads show, still have not seen too many adept. Come ever to be imposed as a trend? It is the answer we are looking for today in Jezebel.

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton It exaggerated the shoulder straps to the fullest and certainly, I don’t think there are many people who dare with this safe style Lady Gaga.

There are intermediate shoulder pads Yes it can make us fall to some. I already have a dress and a jacket with a light shoulder pads. In the end, he is getting used to. The first time I tried them I did not see me at all, the second time I saw something better, and the third time I tried me a dress with shoulder pads I went home with him.

But if you still don’t see you with shoulder straps, you may try the way more light to lead the trend: the puff sleeves. A white or black shirt is updated with that little detail without that let’s us excessively disguised.

Can also be a dress or a shirt with some detail at shoulders that it stresses them, as some sequins, a few fringe, or a few embroidery.

This dress from Jason Wu He convinced Diane Kruger and even the most classic dare to wear it.

What is your opinion?. We will arrive to get used to the shoulder straps and see them regularly through the streets or it is a trend that will pass without penalty or glory stores?