Dress Up Your Gadgets Properly

Not only our clothing gives clues about us. Also other details such as our manicures, our makeup and above all, our accessories and complements. Our essential in the days that run, they tend to be for many of us our computer, Our mobile phone, Our IPod… so why not take care of them l?levando them also the latest fashion?

We are talking about large firms that have brought those divine accessories for our favorite gadgets. There are options for almost all budgets. Do you want to see the latest trends to wear these accessories? Take note.

Our laptop, that object you need to take care of the maximum and that helps us to almost everything today. Carry it in a cute case which we always like to wear is a success. This is of Alexander McQueen, with the ever-present signature skulls. 260 what it takes is euros.

Is another option for those with a very high budget. Is alligator skin and reaches nearly 2000 euros. Nancy Gonzalez signs.

This one is of Marc by Marc Jacobs, much more affordable, 65 euros and is real cute. In his shop in Madrid, I have signed have more models, so it will go to look…

Nancy Gonzalez also designed covers for our dear IPhone. Also of crocodile skin and almost are more expensive than the phone itself. They are around 300 euros.

Rick Owens commitment by the BlackBerry, and launches this cover, quite affordable (does not reach the 100 euros).

Finally, the cajón desastre gadgets accessories. This bolsita-neceser of Anya Hindmarch to store everything from your mobile phone and the headset to the pendrive that we usually carry on bag.

What do you think? Do you think that there are alternatives in low-cost stores to dress our beloved gadgets?